Information Finding Championship - Season 1 : Round 6 entry - Alien Memes

3년 전

Here is my entry into round 6 of the Information Finding Championship, the UFO/Alien contest. I pulled out my favorite Trump alien memes for this one!

trump alien2.jpg

And one more for good measure!

trump alien1.jpg

Memes were sourced from Google

Link to original contest

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Lol those are pretty funny


lol, thanks bro!

HAHAHAHAHAHA! That first meme was so good. Second one was also, but the first one really made me burst out laughing. Awesome entry man!


Those Trump memes always make me laugh!

Haaa haaa!! Yep, that first one is gold!

hi is most powerful in the world& thanks for searing...

But apparently, Outer Space doesn't exist, and the Earth is not a spinning globe moving around the Sun.