Information Finding Championship - Season 1 : Round 9 entry - CRYPTOCURRENCY

3년 전

I'd like to share some of my favorite Crypto Currency meme's and GIF's. When the market is down, these will make smile, When the market is up, these will make your day even brighter!

This is what happens to anyone who joins the crypto world for the first time.

bitcoin meme.jpg

Who is Satoshi Nakamoto? The world may never know......

Can't forget the Mr Chow! Looks like Doge coin got him a little too excited.

And will will finish off with the massive power of Steem on display! I think we know where this Steem ship is headed!

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Those are pretty good lol !


Thanks bud! I had a good laugh!

Haha! The first two were especially funny. Not too familiar with the third one, and the last one is just cool in my opinion. :) Hopefully steem goes to the moon. :D


Thanks! Yeah I guess not too many people would recognize the third one unless you have seen the Hangover movies. If you like comedies they are worth the watch.


Ahh, okay. That dude. I saw the first Hangover I think.. Or at least part of it. Think I saw part of the second one too, but not much of it.. I've been a bit weird with movies at times, only been to the movie theater a couple times in the last 10+ years and only because my friend wanted me to go or I was watching my own movie playing at the movie theater at the film festival. :)

I still watch other peoples artwork, I just don't catch nearly as many of the "mainstream" movies a lot of other people do. But yeah from what I did see of the Hangover movies they were both pretty funny!

Wow its amazing