Feelings about Covid are almost entirely along party lines... coincidence?


Are we really all that predictable? Have the news and social media networks really just got us that figured out? How is it possible that just by chance almost everyone is aligned with a certain political ideology even though politics really shouldn't be a massive part of how a pandemic is handled?

I ask this question because I am not a supporter of either of the major parties in the United States. I am a part of a hopefully growing populous of people that are sick of the two-party system and the inevitable lies and broken promises that comes along with both of them. I am sick of the tricks and timing of certain legislature that always seems to happen during a very convenient time of year around elections. Maybe Libertarians would do the same thing? I have no idea and I think it is unlikely if we will ever find out in my lifetime.


There are loads of surveys out there that show that Democrats are far more likely than republicans to support increased shutdowns and quarantine and that Republicans are far more likely to want to re-open the economy. The democrats are also far less likely to believe the stories (that have been labeled conspiracy theories) about Covid numbers being inflated for financial or political gain than Republicans.


I don't need a survey to show that to me, all i need is a social media feed.

If i look at my FB feed there are, like anyone's feed, a group of very vocal people who are well, vocal about just about anything that can be even loosely tied to politics. We've got the very pro-Trump and very anti-Trump people and from the few people I know that are British, we've got the Brexit or anti-Brexit people (other issues as well but these are the ones that pop into my mind.)

From what I know about these people, the ones who are left-leaning are nearly 100% pro-stay-at-home and believe that the death toll numbers are accurate or actually under-represented and the ones that are right-leaning are nearly 100% pro-open-the-economy and believe the stats we are being given are lies.

So my question is this: Why is this happening? Are we really pre-wired to feel these ways and it is just a coincidence or have we been programmed by data mining to receive the type of information that manipulates us into thinking what some other entity wants us to?

I don't want to stand on my conservative soap box and claim that what I think is what is best: But i do find it to be pretty alarming that the opinions about Covid is almost entirely (in my group) determined by what that person's political affiliation happens to be. How is that possible if we are not being manipulated?

Each side calls the other side "sheep" but isn't it at least possible that both sides are sheep and that all of us are being manipulated?

I am very interested to hear what your FB feed looks like because I really am starting to feel as though this is universal. How the dealing with a pandemic became a political issue is beyond me, but I think it is undeniable that it has become as such.

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no it is not a coincidence because people are molded by what they choose to watch and how the path that such efforts lead them down. 24 hour cable news was the death of journalism.