Previously Secret Documents Reveal Anne Applebaum of The Washington Post on List of UK Foreign Office Funded Disinfo Group Integrity Initiative

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In November 2018 the groups CyberGuerilla and Anonymous released the Integrity Initiative documents that revealed the UK Foreign Office plans for collaborating with mainstream media reporters to report stories favorable to the UK government, NATO's and The Atlantic Council's interests.

That story was almost completely swept under the rug by the CFR-affiliated mainstream media in the US, EU and Commonwealth countries. Nonetheless, it is still completely relevant and highly important today. The lists of reporters associated with the shady UK government funded propaganda outfit is included at the attached links. The names include reporters from the Guardian, Washington Post, Huffington Post, The Times and many others in Europe and the United States.

Additional info available here:

UK Foreign Office Funded Integrity Initiative document featuring the name of Anne Applebaum at the following link:

Additional links provide more information on the leaked Integrity Initiative disinfo program and UK Foreign Office funded media influence campaign associated with such.

and here:

and here:

Additional information from the Wikipedia page of Anne Applebaum reveals her media influence and ability to affect public thought.

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In the new age of mass propaganda saturation, government orchestrated disinformation, psyops, social media influence campaigns and censorship its important to know who serves who's interests. Its interesting that Anne Applebaum has not been held to account for what the Integrity Initiative documents imply she has been doing, for the documents clearly imply that the journos on the list are affiliated with the outfit that professes and has been found to be a UK Foreign Office funded disinformation group.

The proof of such is here (hoisted by their own petard, so to speak):

Image from link:

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The following link provides a list of reporters that the Integrity Initiative professed to 'follow':

For more information as to what is going on in relation to the recent mass propaganda saturation that involves mainstream media outlets and reporters, I recommend keeping up with the organization for Propaganda Studies which is comprised of a team of UK professors and researchers who have been chronicling government psyops and disinformation campaigns. For doing such they have become targets of government officials who seek to keep information under their own control. I recommend people provide this information outfit support for its one of the best chances to reveal what has been really going on under this government and media affiliated propaganda barrage.

More info on the CyberGuerilla release here (info reveals more Intergity Initiative, Atlantic Council and Bellingcat affiliations) -

Many CyberGuerilla links to these important documents have been removed from the Internet or are no longer working in many browsers, thus I recommend this Wayback Machine link for more info on the UK Foreign Office funded Institute of Statecraft Integrity Initiative :

Link to November 27, 2018 UK government question/inquiry into the Integrity Initiative's funding (note that the question was presented by MP Chris Williamson who has previously attempted to expose UK government funding for the White Helmets in Syria and the FSA (Free Syrian Army) who are both al-Qaeda linked. Soon after his parliamentary question was presented he became the victim of slurs of antisemitism by other members of the UK Parliament and the British press.

Note also that the question was answered by Sir Alan Duncan who, in the Guardian article above, stated he would get to the bottom of things and find out what is going on with the Integrity Initiative.

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Oh, and just for a good example of the scope of the censorship and government control over this type of information, look at what happened when I tried to post this post to the Wikileaks account at Twitter.

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I cannot thank you enough for your critically important research into how our very thoughts on our place in the world, and the place of others in relation to us, is malevolently influenced by bad actors intent on doing us harm. But I can thank you.



Thanks valued-customer. :) The warm vibes are certainly appreciated. I've found it quite interesting trying to put all this puzzle together and I hope my posts help others see the larger picture of how our perceptions of reality are shaped by a select few elitists and their devious minions.