In America the three branches of Government do not have any say when it comes to Grand Jury's.

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There is no law that says the other branches of Government have any say about Grand Jury's. They have no authority to assemble a Grand Jury. They have the right to call for a Grand Jury, but as far as I can see there is no law providing them authority over : 

  1. Who is a Grand Jurist.
  2. Over what a Grand Jury presides! Meaning a Grand Jury can decide just to check and make sure that the law is not being broken.
  3. How the Grand Jury assemble's is not for the other branches to decide.
  4. The facts of the case.
  5. The law of the case.

We really do owe Justice Antonin Scalia for daring to be responsible as is required of those who choose liberty and freedom as their way of life. The Grand Jury Belongs to The People–Antonin Scalia (1992) 

This Court's cases relying upon that power deal strictly with the courts' control over their own procedures, whereas the grand jury is an institution separate from the courts, over whose functioning the courts do not preside. 

As proof:  Supreme Court   UNITED STATES, Petitioner v. John H. WILLIAMS, Jr.  

Source: Legal Information Institute.

Photo Source of Justice Antonin Scalia Politico 

So this begs the question why are not #familyprotection and or Americans in general forming there own Grand Jury's to deal with the lawless? The only answer to this that makes sense is because they don't know. This is the same problem everyone has. We don't know what we don't know? The only way to know for yourself is to take a free civics course here.

In short a Grand Jury is convened anytime you have 25 or more Americans claiming they are a Grand Jury!

I don't even see a law that prevents people from using the internet to form a Grand Jury. The other branches of Government. (The three Oligarchs don't have a say) have no authority to gainsay a Grand Jury! As far as I can see there is no law saying other than what I have shared. There could be one, but if there is I have not been able to find it. If you want to check this out for yourself, the first thing you need to know is the difference between legislation and law. 

The first layer of confusion in the difference is obviously a con job. The question that must be satisfied is why would we have two separate words in the same language that mean exactly the same thing? Logically and reasonably we would not. Legislation is what the house and senate have proposed and is policy. When legislation is ratified it becomes law. Legislation that violates the constitution is null and void, because the constitution is law already! 

The only reason why they do not get legislation ratified anymore is because they know none of it would be. They also know that people forget the difference between legislation and law. Then they stop learning the law as a people over time (why agencies want control over our schools). Habit takes over and people ask the very people they are supposed to be guiding through our committee's of safety what the law is?

The chicken's should never ask the fox what is for breakfast. 

The only way is for the society members to learn the history, culture and tradition, which transforms the society member from a chicken to the Fox! Than the Fox will tell the chicken what is for breakfast. This is why a court is the suit of the sovereign! Sovereign's make law and is why in order for legislation to become law the Sovereign's must ratify legislation. The Sovereigns did not accept the first constitutional proposal until the Bill of Rights was added to the constitution. When they ratified it, the constitution became the law of the land! There is no logical reason why the Sovereigns would give up the power to the three branches of Government to make law and to me it is obvious insanity for anyone to even entertain the idea! I know I haven't and would not! 

"I know no safe depository of the ultimate powers of the society but the people themselves; and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with a wholesome discretion, the remedy is not to take it from them, but to inform their discretion by education.

Thomas Jefferson

Something that really bothers me about people is they think our founding farther said these things because they sounded good. It is not the case at all. The Charter's of Freedom are the authority granted by the Sovereigns called We The People! If you think otherwise please provide me the documentary evidence for your claim, cause I want to know. There is a very real question to ask here?

The very real question is have you and would you give up your sovereignty?

Photos are from unless other wise disclosed in the text. I am not responsible for if you think, how you think, what you think or do. You Are!. If you like my content consider a up vote and follow! Peace!

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We have to vote not guilty when we are opposed to the law being prosecuted, most folk believe they have to convict a person who broke a law they, the juror, dissagree with. Thats not so and if we go along with the judges and don't stand up for ourselves they will keep stamping us down.


Yep, but the real question for me is why are not people organizing a Grand Jury and going after the lawless.

Example CPS takes your child. You organize a Grand Jury to decide the case! Why are people not exercising there power?


I think culture programs us to think we must dispassionately obey and enforce the law, ie law and order and shows like that.

Fear is the other thing holding us back, I wonder how the MSM would cover an incident where people really did stand up for themselves and demand fair treatment.


This is why I want informationwar to support Leader Technologies. We could use some capital to create a anonymous Journalism force!

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