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When I first learned about Patriots for Truth Voices of the American Intelligence Media and We The People Charge of Sedition and treason on the  constructed a comprehensive CRIMELINE, I had no idea that I was being handed the most important case in America. This Case is dealing with in my opinion, the attempted theft of the law, by those who are bound to it. The attempt is riddled with sedition and treason to the Constitution and required that Oath Bound people break there Oath. Not just a few however but hundreds of people are involved. In  my opinion they are not just trying to steal from a few people but from the nation and the theft amounts to the theft of our way of life.

In reading about this I have determined for my own self the facts of the case. In doing so I realized that in truth the theft of the Law is what has allowed corporation like CPS (Child Protective Services) to exist. Thus for all those who are working on #familyprotection and #informationwar this case is the most important in the country. 

Leader Technologies full story tells the full story very well and will bring you up to date the quickest! Essentially one can find the same story by reading through Patriots for Truth Voices of the American Intelligence Medias constructed a comprehensive CRIMELINE.  I discovered Leader Technologies land mark case involving patent law and The Miller Act. `

In the following video they share with you what can be done and what we can do to support our way of life and take back not only our country, but secure comity, peace and security to We The People. The following is a link to another article by American For Innovation that also expresses what we can do.Just so you know I am the one who is claiming that this would secure comity, peace and security to our families and loved ones. It is up to you to see why I say that and decide if  you agree and act!

Now if the video does not work one can find the same video here constructed a comprehensive CRIMELINE 

So I only have one question. Have you done what they share you can do to help restore the rule of law?

All photos are from Pixabay.com. I am not responsible for if you think, how you think, what you think or do. You Are!. If you like my content consider a up vote and follow! Peace!

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