Math Versus Mathamagic. How to ready the mind for an education!

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Imagination is not equal to Logic. How many people will agree with this and yet as a matter of the bad habits they have because of how math is not taught correctly. Let me provide a drawing I made in Paint. It basically shows you the difference between Math and Mathamagic. Let me explain. The longer vertical line that the Symbol 0 denotes is the dividing line between Math and Mathamagic. You see on the side with the plus the Symbol must represent something that can be verified and confirmed, which makes it a fact and math. On the other side there is no way to verify or confirm and so the symbol's have no value. See below. A way to see this is to switch the symbols with the something. So that side that has symbols is the something and that side without the symbols shows what you are counting. Which is nothing. Math requires that you be counting the somethings. Where there is no something there is also not math.

Obviously in order for Math to have the creditability it has to be able to verify and confirm that the logical condition match the place holder. Thus 2 + 2 = 0 because the symbol doesn't have any value, but two Pens + 2 Pens = 4 Pens. The real truth here is the fact of the matter. In order to determine there is a fact, which is what a integer is, there must be a matter that the symbol represents. No matter means not Math.

The reason why this matter's is because your mind can learn to recognize the difference only if while doing math you follow the steps. So you have to verify and confirm you have as many somethings as the place holder represents or you actually have a value of zero. If for any reason you cannot verify and confirm than as a matter of fact you don't have matter and cannot call what you are doing with the symbols math.

A good comprehension can be gained by reading an old post of mine called : How mathamagic was used to break logic and reason in society. One can get a glimpse of how I trained my brain from another old post : Logic & Reason versus Emotions and preferences. How I trained my brain. 

One merely need follow the correct procedure for basic math. Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division as all require that verification and confirmation happen on a habitual bases for the important neural pathways and motor reflex functions to be developed in order for the mind to be ready for an education. So what will happen is the brains ability to reorganize itself will do just that (Neural Plasticity).

Don't worry if indoctrination deformation counts as brain damage, it is.

More importantly it is fixable.  A funny truth is no one who has been through the education system is educated unless they have done something to fix the deformation of the brain that occurs when you don't follow the correct procedure doing math. It is the doing that creates the neural pathways and motor reflex functions, so it is the not verifying or confirming your integers that has deformed the brain.

If I was a weight lifter and I wanted to get developed muscle, we know that a consistent set of exercises will develop those muscle. Can I develop those muscle's if I take a short cut and not actually do the sets of exercise. Why most people would realize that the exercise is what develops the muscle. By not verifying and confirming the integer's in basic math while doing basic math, is the same as not doing the sets of exercise to develop the muscle. It is all about the three different neural nets. Reading, Writing and Arithmetic.

Reading creates its own set of neural pathways as does writing and math! These three neural nets must all be present in the brain for that brain to actually be able to educate. Education is not facts and figures. Education is actually referring to growing your brain just like the weight lifter grows muscle mass. By doing the physical steps that create the physical neural pathways and motor reflex functions. In all systems for education I found that in truth there is one ever present factor that makes the difference. Repeat repeat repeat is the mantra. 

Doing so over and over creates motor reflex functions. Where your brain sends a pulse down a set of neural pathways that all fire from that one pulse. Now I am leaving the sources out on this on purpose. For if we have one slave in the world we all suffer the consequences. So do your own research on Neural Pathways, Neural Plasticity and Motor Reflex functions

All photos are from Screen shots are mine. I am not responsible for if you think, how you think, what you think or do. You Are!. If you like my content consider a up vote and follow! Peace!

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This is a really hard post to follow.

First off, math is not proven.
It is based on several assumptions.
Some of which i believe are wrong.

By your beginning statements, ∞ doesn't exist.
Which i agree with.
And if you take away ∞ from math, math it breaks down.


"First off, math is not proven.
It is based on several assumptions.
Some of which i believe are wrong."

The functions require that the integers be proven. Think you have 2 Pens but really having 3 Pens would mean that when the function is performed the sum will not be correct. 2Pens + 2Pens = 4Pens is only true if the integers are proven. If you really have 3Pens + 3Pens the sum will not be 4Pens, but sixPens precisely because the symbols don't reflect reality.

What makes math a representation of reality is verifying and confirming the integers.
What deforms your brain is not doing the repetition of counting making sure that the integers reflect reality. + - x and / require that the integer's reflect reality in order for the function the symbols represent to work. A person has to do the act of verifying and confirming in order for the neural network to build the ability to sense the difference between what the mind can imagine and what actually happens in the real world.

Gun's kill people when a mind cannot separate between that which happened and that which it imagined happened. The neural networks that are needed for a human being to be able to tell the difference between what they imagined and what actually happened are Reading, Writing and Arithmetic correctly practiced on the bases of language.

One can say that the symbols must represent a something or the inherent patterns in the symbols mean nothing.


So, you have 3 small apples, and 1 large apple.
How many apples do you have?

Does 3 apples x 3 apples make any sense when there are only 8 apples in existence?

And since we can never count to infinity, does infinity exist?
And if it doesn't, what happens to calculus?

Further, 1+1=2 is an assumption. It is not proven. It may not be provable.
2+2=4 was proven recently, as long as you assume 1+1=2 and that integers exist.

I can see what you are trying to get at, but reality is not as solid and set as one would like. There isn't a line where reality ends and imagination begins.

Or, in other words, half of our brains are on the other side of that line.


"So, you have 3 small apples, and 1 large apple.
How many apples do you have?"

3 Small apples and 1 large apple. This is how you broke up apples by size.

"Does 3 apples x 3 apples make any sense when there are only 8 apples in existence?"

Of course not. If there are only 8 apples than there is no way to verify and confirm the 9th.

Multiplication only multiply's 3pens x 3pens, which equals 9. Thus there must be 3 Pens to multiply 3pens. So one of the integers does not have 3 Pens and in fact there are possible 2Pens in one of the sets and is why one must verify and confirm the symbols represent a something.

"And since we can never count to infinity, does infinity exist?"

Is a hypothesis that can never be proved and as such not math.

"And if it doesn't, what happens to calculus?"

When ever one cannot count, verifying and confirming the integers one does not have math. It really is that simple.

"Further, 1+1=2 is an assumption. It is not proven. It may not be provable.
2+2=4 was proven recently, as long as you assume 1+1=2 and that integers exist."

No 1 + 1 = 2 is not an assumption unless you don't verify and confirm your symbols represent what is there. So without verification and confirmation one is assuming. With verification and confirmation one is determining based on the rules of math the truth of the condition.

"I can see what you are trying to get at, but reality is not as solid and set as one would like. There isn't a line where reality ends and imagination begins.

Or, in other words, half of our brains are on the other side of that line."

I totally agree with the entire statement and add the following. Math is about the somethings that are solid and countable. When ever counting is not possible what ever you are doing it is not math.

The confusion is a direct result of people not being required to verify and confirm there integers for if on a regular bases you have to count 3 Pens and than X 3 Pens you would comprehend that the first integers must represent a something just like the second integer must represent a something. When a integer is not representing a something it's value is 0 no matter what the symbol implies.

Math was always my worst subject, I can see the elite and Deep State hating math. Math like the Truth has only one correct answer, opinions, subterfuge, money and bribery does not change that answer, I would imagine it's in their best interest to keep America in the bottom class in world rankings for math!


It is how the human mind is either hooked up to reality or how the human mind is disconnected from reality. So if your a fraudster than of course you don't want people to be able to see your fraud.

P.S you write some awesome informationwar post, I like reading. Keep it up!


Thanks I super appreciate it, I only have a year of college and I work in Construction in the Electrical Union, so I am literally on my own and the only truth conversations I have are in my own mind, this last two months or so is my first time writing, I'm trying to find a better way of doing research posts, the information I read is better than me regurgitating it, and I don't want to plagiarize and just copy and paste, so I've been working on it trying to find a interactive way to give out enough info to make people use the link. Without informationwar I might have not tried or applied myself so hats off to you guys and the community, as censorship increases I hope informationwar becomes thee place to be!