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Do you think the title of this post is over board. I did when I first ran across it my self. In fact yesterday I posted this post Mind cotrol is investigating me through social media? in a fit of paranoia and cognitive dissonance, brought on by the information bias's I and everyone has been programed with. However one can follow the link in the below title and see for themselves the claims being made by American Intelligence Media Citizens Addicted to Truth have made, and judge for themselves.


She and her Privy Council meddled in  our U.S. elections. We have the proof and now claim her ENEMY OF THE  UNITED STATES. We continue to gather indictable evidence that shows the  British Monarchy is an enemy of all of humanity.

American Intelligence Media

Source : URL  https://aim4truth.org/2018/06/04/the-windsors-not-our-friend/

One of the very first thoughts that ran through my head on this, was the idea that perhaps the Anonymous Patriots want us in a war with Britain.

As  you go through this however, what you discover is exactly the opposite. It seems that the very first people these multitude of crimes was committed upon is the British people and is why the programing is one that provides the safety of MUM to the Queen. What I mean is that the British People are programmed to think of the Queen as they do their biological mother. Once you comprehend that the entire system is a house of cards constructed solely for the purpose of fleecing the sheeple and that the people are the sheep in question, it becomes obvious that the tittle of this post is appropriate. So I provide links and video's that prove the point, that the system is fraud and a house of cards. The video also shows the crimes against humanity.





Now as I opened with the question is the title over board. Thinking that reading all of the information on the links is not enough, and knowing that most people will have a opinion, which means no attached contract, without actually reading through the material I thought to myself what can I share that even the most ignorant opinionated person can view and see the whole system is fraud. At the time of asking this question for myself I had watched very view of the mirrored video's. 

Yeah I noticed that the video's have the YouTube look and thought isn't this a bit of fraud.

However looking past the skin of it all, I see also that it is a mirror site and not really YouTube at all. One can see this is disclosed if they look. So I have found one that makes it clear who, what, when, where and why the fraud. Looks like it is the national British mum the Queen. One should look up and know that the Queen takes fealty to the Vatican and is thus a pond of the Vatican. Yeah I noticed that a pond is related to a swamp. So without further ado the best is less than 25 minuet video I have so far viewed.

All photos are from Pixabay.com. Screen shots are mine. I am not responsible for if you think, how you think, what you think or do. You Are!. If you like my content consider a up vote and follow! Peace!

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With regard to the above post:

What I mean is that the British People are programmed to think of the Queen as they do their biological mother

Are you serious, the majority of British people couldn't care less about the royal family, they seem to have a soft spot for the younger royals at the moment but that will only last until the next major scandal affecting the monarchy hits the headlines,

The queen is mostly viewed as someone who is totally out of touch with the average person, someone who knows only of privilege, vast wealth and someone who has led a severely sheltered life and who will never be capable of empathising with any of her subjects etc but she is certainly not thought of in the way you mentioned in your post, she has plenty of fans and the royal family are said to do a lot for tourism, however, their popularity and their relevance continues to dwindle,

Personally speaking, i think they are just sitting in their palaces, making the most of their privileged lives and hoping for the best, waiting for the inevitable break up of the monarchy, which will happen sooner or later,

I have not been programmed by anyone or any process, i have free flowing thought, i look at things objectively and i make my own mind up based upon what i see or hear, so just to clear things up, the British People are not programmed to think of the Queen as they do their biological mother any more than the Americans think of Donald Trump as their biological father.

Its been my collective feedback with some across the pond as they say... or due north... whichever. Through time we talked about experience living under their system of laws.

See Canada and UK, etc have laws that are practical! The aim is bring up responsible people.

Whereas, in the Us oA theyre... well you know full well what's that like.

On the bright side the magna carta and common law are still legally recognized in a large partition of the world.


Yeah that is the bright side all right.

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