Waiting for the Federal Reserve Note to crash./ The Miller Act Notice problem.

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Below is a screen shot of https://www.fbcoverup.com/docs/cyberhijack/cyber-hijack-findings.pdf . It is a compilation of different ways to view the information in the PDF. I reproduced the links located below the screen shot to make it easy for people to view it in the manner they wish. One can see that a main claim is that this criminal cable stole Leader Technologies' Social Networking Invention, and I have been able to verify and confirm the facts are as shared. What I cannot verify or confirm is the proposed effectiveness of the Statement "We the People can use the Miller Act Notice to shut them all down." Source : American Intelligence Media constructed a comprehensive CRIMELINE 

My suggestion for those who have not already done so is to verify and confirm as many of the claims made on the below PDF.

I think most people will be surprised how many of these people are public figures who have been part of the revolving door crime for years. I also think people will be surprised how much they already know as common knowledge about these people. Don't worry if you don't know someone they provide great biography's on all of them and I found them fairly easy to verify and confirm. 

People you trusted are now hijacking the Internet

Compiled by Americans for Innovation  Investigators, Latest rev. Mar. 11, 2018

Now the proposed solution is to use the Miller Act Notice to shut them all down Source ; patriots4truth.org, has a bit of a problem that I think many may miss. You see the Miller Act Notice is really a claim being made by Leader Technologies. Let us suppose it is a good claim. Let us even suppose that the claim is accepted by the cabal, is it possible they could pay it. I think so. The reason why is they have been draining the wealth from the entire world for over 50 years. By now they have hundreds of trillions of dollars. Maybe even thousands of trillions of dollars and this is why I think it hasn't been done yet. We actually don't have a way to know for certain how much they actually have. 

That being the case the only way such would actually reach Assets Recovery is if the Federal Reserve Note goes bankrupt. This may be why President Trump has started a Currency War with Turkey. It is not good news for America and yet getting the fraud cut out of the system is necessary and good news for Americans. Why many would ask? 

It is really simple however once you comprehend that in reality the way the system has been created only those who are in the Good Ole Boy club called the Cabal can actually own anything. Without ownership all pretense to a civilized society goes down the drain, and in reality the cave man will have had it better then modern day humanity. The reason this is so is because we human beings require a logical condition for the reason to contribute to society. The logical condition is Owner Ship Of Property.

So how that worked out during America's colonial period was the creation of property rights.

7 to 8 times the colonies didn't make it past the winter. Why was because they were all looking for tangible asset's instead of growing food. Like Gold and Silver (mining). You see growing food before property rights didn't get you anything, but food. Human beings want more than just eating or existing. Human beings want to feel accomplishment and that means something real. Thus there were very few contributions to the community larder and obviously people couldn't eat what was not there. It was the property rights that changed all of that. People owned the food they grew and thus could trade for goods they didn't have. If the fraud continues, we are looking at the exact same happening to us in our modern societies and reversing the prosperity property rights are responsible for.

As far as I can tell the only way to maintain the prosperity of the system is to reject the fraud. Of course I don't know everything. Maybe someday someone will think of something that Mankind will produce for other than self improvement. What I can say is the idea's about communism match exactly how the colonist started and the repeated failure lead to the creation of property rights, which lead to success. This is historical and verifiable by anyone. So if the Miller Act Notice is used and I am thinking that this is what is going to happen, than Americans are in for a very rough ride.  

All photos are from Pixabay.com. Screen shots are mine. I am not responsible for if you think, how you think, what you think or do. You Are!. If you like my content consider a up vote and follow! Peace!

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I appreciate all of the time you devote to not only researching, but collecting it to present in such a way that we can look for ourselves. There is a lot you have presented I simply have not had time to look at yet, but will be going back as time permits through your blog and following the trail you are paving for us.


I note that I have gotten a lot wrong in the past with my blog. Still learning and may it never stop. I did try to always leave a link so you can see for yourself. So I hope you enjoy.