How to Know Who Has Won the Coming(?) Revolutionary War

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How to Know Who Has Won the Coming(?) Revolutionary War

Questions to Ask When the Dust Settles

I tend towards the perspective that the western world is currently experiencing a soft revolutionary war of ideas, and has been for decades. The war is between multi-generational plutocratic cartels that have clandestinely suborned governments to subjugate humanity and those who do not wish to live and die as slaves. The stage appears set for the decisive battles to take place in the near future.

The supremacy of the state and its plutocratic masters perceives the movement towards transparency, accountability and freedom for the individual that has been brewing since the Enlightenment as a threat. The plutocrats are now in open revolt against the western modes of government that have sought to limit their power and influence over the populations of the world.

On the other hand, the revolution to free the average man from slavery and indentured servitude to ruling "elites" has realistically only ever transmogrified the chains of subjugation, never cast them off entirely. As such, it is ongoing as well. Regardless of the form of government, each instituted form to date has relied on the use of coercion to subjugate the individual and suppress dissent.

For those who haven't seen it yet, I include here Molyneux's "The Story of Your Enslavement":

In this sense, there are two revolutions ongoing: one by plutocrats against the final abolishment of their suppression via coercive governments and the other by people wishing to free themselves and their children from their yoke entirely. (Voluntaryism is the solution, but lamentably too few are conscious of its viability. That revolution's time is not yet come... But I digress.)

In the United States, the foundational documents and belief system, predicated on the belief that government must serve and the individual is supreme, are under assault by coercive collectivist narratives, financed by an oligarch-steered media and empowered by an infiltrated and fatally compromised educational establishment that decants ideological drones incapable of critical thought.

Western Europe, on the distant front, has finally awoken to find itself overrun by an oligarch-orchestrated and virulent version of the Kalergi Plan executing a Cloward and Piven strategy. On its current trajectory, the nation states of the EU will politically, financially and culturally collapse, making the bankster cartels and their cronies in Brussels the saviors of last resort. Ordo ad chao.

Censorship of the media and the internet has gone into high gear throughout the EU in recent years. Currently, anything posted online that illustrates the suicidal folly of the political class is suppressed and punished with increasingly draconian interpretations of vaguely worded mandates that enable anyone to be punished for anything deemed even remotely "politically incorrect". In the US, this censorship is carried out by corporate media and "social activist" dox and lynch mobs.

As the war of words heats up internally in every country in the west, particularly in regards to imported violence and poverty from south to north, the conflict between the takers and the taken-from threatens to escalate to the kinetic phase. Fearfully, a misguided sense of moral superiority and calls for violence against dehumanized opponents may well provoke a genocidal conflagration.

The world will look very different when the conflict has been resolved. But in an era of omnipresent propaganda, totalitarian censorship, and endless spin, how will those who survive know who won the war? I propose establishing a catalogue of questions of the most pressing issues facing the health and wealth of the species to know what to look for when the dust settles:

  1. Does a private for-profit bank control the public money supply?
  2. Are mass extinction weapons being developed and produced?
  3. Is the food supply polluted by toxic chemicals or unsafe GMOs?
  4. Are vaccines manufactured with toxic adjuvants mandated by law?
  5. Are voting machines in use that are vulnerable to hacking?
  6. Is more than a tiny fraction of the population on psychopharmaceuticals?
  7. Is non-consensual, indiscriminate and warrantless mass surveillance taking place?
  8. Is the public aware wireless devices (wifi, smart devices) are genotoxic?
  9. Have politicians and their puppet masters been prosecuted for their crimes?
  10. Has the Bill of Rights been restored to its proper role in governance?
  11. Is the internet free of censorship, can you read and post what you please?
  12. Does the official explanation for 9/11 abide by the law of physics?
  13. Have suppressed technologies been released for the public good?
  14. Is weaponized government propaganda against the public illegal?

Currently, the answers to questions 1-7 are yes and the answers to questions 8-14 are no. In this constellation, the world faces a future ruled by an unaccountable plutocracy presiding over a permanent slave class. The questions above outline the switches of control that can be used to silence dissent forever or to enable the population to free itself from an eternity of servitude.

Until all of these issues are resolved, comprehensively and permanently, one way or the other, the revolutions of tyranny vs. freedom and freedom vs. tyranny will continue. At this time, it appears that freedom is on the losing foot. The questions above are now all in favor of tyranny and achieved by enforced ignorance and corruption. Those lulled into complacency are however stirring.

The storm of the coming revolution has yet to find its crescendo, that much is clear. If and when the day comes when can you ask yourself if the revolution is over, ask yourself the questions above. If tyranny has won, you will have to remember these questions, for you won't be able to read them. If freedom has triumphed, victory will demand eternal vigilance lest the tyrants rise again.


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I don't know why you're not getting much traction on this site...(I'm fully aware of why I don't)...
Excellent overview and pretty well spot on.
Don't forget the eco-fascists ala The Georgia Guidestones and movies like Resident Evil...
BTW: A part of the war is over those who think society should be ruled by Casper stories and those who think secularism best. Although I'm a theist I am 100% for secularism as outlined in The Secular Humanist Manifesto...


I tend to point out very uncomfortable truths and, from experience, there aren't a lot of people who can deal with that every day. I am not too worried about traction, I've been here just over a year and made about 100 posts, so my followers number (924 as of today) isn't too bad all things considered. I also don't post constantly, so there is that to consider.

I am trying to post more often as things in the world seem to spiral more out of control, but I have to balance that with my responsibilities in my day-to-day life, with a full time job, a social life, my reading and more academic research interests. Perhaps someday I will have the luxury to go full time blogger, at which point two or three posts a day would be feasible, but until then I am happy with the slow ramping up of my Cupid Zero blog.

I am glad and very appreciative of the readers I have won, of which you are one. Thanks for your kind words!

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