The Press - A Litmus Test of Legitimacy

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What would it take for you to trust the press again?

The Press - A Litmus Test of Legitimacy

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What would it take to trust the press again?

In the face of the rampant and systematic injustice on the part of governments and corporations worldwide, it is a screaming admission of complicity on the part of the press that certain questions are simply never asked. Quite honestly, mainstream "reporters" appear too partisan, cowed, stupid, brainwashed, uninformed, ignorant or in on the corruption to ask questions of substance.

The "professional" main stream corporate media has completely abandoned its ordained role as the fourth estate. Intended to provide a check on interests operating counter to the public good by performing the crucial task of informing the public, the corporate takeover of the media has turned the press into a lap dog to moneyed interests and a guard dog for criminal enterprises.

Questions of real import are not asked because the asking of them reveals just how screwed and betrayed everybody really is, how oppressed and impoverished the masses have become in the chains of bondage laid upon them by those meant to lift them up. They reveal how corrupt, unethical and unaccountable those who have amassed untold fortunes and power have become.

These questions do not reveal the rot by being answered. They reveal the truth by not being answered and by not being posed. The answers are so ugly, so antithetical to the human spirit, that posing or answering the question would be career suicide. The corrupt plutocrats and their puppet politicians would destroy anyone that dared to pose these questions during a live televised event.

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By posing questions, reporters have the ability to raise awareness. When people don't understand a question, they will look it up. No amount of spin is going to help a political hack when a question contains information that is supposed to remain concealed. This is why there are press corps for politicians, they only take fools or hacks that will lob softball questions that help maintain the facade.

What we see now in the corporate media is NOT the press. Until the following questions are asked of politicians and plutocrats, no corporate media propaganda and astroturfing arm is deserving of the name 'the press'. By failing to pose really serious questions, their complicity in covering up the crimes and aiding and abetting the career criminals who have usurped the power of the people is self-evident.

Due to rational constraints on time and energy, here I will provide only a few educative questions that, if asked, would serve to red-pill broad swathes of the population. In the comments, I ask that you leave your own questions. If some day a "reporter" from the corporate media division cares to prove their worth as a human being and actually do their damn job, they can come here for inspiration.

United States

  • Why should US taxpayers pay the Federal Reserve to create money, when the US can do it for free?

  • What was the Organic Act of 1871 and was it treasonous? If not, why not?

  • Was the 17th amendment constitutional, was it properly ratified and is it possible to ratify something that is unconstitutional?

  • Have false flag attacks been carried out by the government and to what ends?

  • Why are voting machines in use that can be hacked and why isn't Congress allowed to know how the machines work?

  • Given plunging birthrates and skyrocketing infertility levels, is the depopulation agenda considered successful at this time?

  • In light of the former CIA director Doug Casey's statement "We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false," is the government satisfied with the current state of awareness of the American public?

  • Why is fluoride, which Harvard studies have shown reduces IQ, added to the public water supply?

  • Why are government employees attending the Bilderberg meeting not being charged or at least investigated under the Logan Act?

  • If the law is not applied equally to the rich and powerful, why should it apply to anyone?


  • What is the Kalergi-Coudenhove Plan and which leaders have accepted prizes from the Coudenhove-Kalergi Society?

  • Is the Cloward and Piven strategy being used to undermine the stability EU member states?

  • If I put a fox in a henhouse, am I responsible for it eating the hens? If politicians enable immigrants to enter the country, are they responsible for the crimes they commit? Why are the NGOs facilitating illegal immigration and their employees not being held accountable for the crimes the immigrants commit?

  • What is the difference between human trafficking, human smuggling and NGO migrant operations picking up migrants off the northern coast of Africa and depositing them on the beaches of Europe?

  • Why is widespread rape and crime an acceptable consequence of uncontrolled mass migration for the political establishment?


  • Does the currency deposited in banks still legally belong to the depositor?

  • Why are the Bank of International Settlements and its members not subject to any countries' laws?

  • What are psychotronic weapons, why were they developed and are they in use?

  • Why are governments allowed to use weaponized propaganda against their own citizens?

  • Who profits the most financially from waging war?

Holding government and corporate leaders accountable for their crimes and corruption is nigh impossible if the press is complicit in the cover-up. Until I hear "reporters" from the corporate media posing real questions to our "elected" public servants, I will continue to consider most everything they publish as propaganda, astroturfing or at best the pointless blathering of paid confidence artists.

It would be nice to be able to read a newspaper or watch television without constantly recognizing omissions, distortions and distractions from real issues. Until such time, the only reliable sources of news and information about the world we live in seems to come from independent, non-corporate media operations like @sgtreport, the @informationwar collective, @naturalnews and others.

So how about you? What questions would you add to this list, what questions would a reporter have to pose for you to be confident they are actually working in the interest of the public at large?

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