The Pulse of Europe - From Self-Sacrifice to Self-Preservation

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The Pulse of Europe

From self-sacrifice to self-preservation

I work in a field that is dominated by left-wing sentiments and a blind faith in the legitimacy of coercive political power. Reliably, every election cycle for the last 20 years in Europe, my colleagues' political views have been taken straight from the evening news or the newspapers, always addressing the lipstick on the pig of the real problem, which is coercive collectivism, and tacking ever farther to the left.

I enjoy a rather dubious reputation at my place of work. In any conversation about politics I reliably remark on the immoral and unethical nature of coercive collectivism and point to the blatant corruption of the political establishment, both left and right. As such, I am frequently discounted as a pie-in-the-sky idealist, striving for castles in the clouds, while the rest consider themselves realistic humanitarian socialists.

The year-end faculty party was in full swing, beer and wine were flowing and people were looking forward to the summer break. I was seated at a table with a mixture of younger and older colleagues when the topic of the EU and immigration came up. I braced myself for the inevitable open-borders virtue signaling parroting the leftist establishment narrative that is literally everywhere in the press.

Much to my surprise, the comments that came were cautious. There was a palpable sense of discomfort. Some colleagues turned away and entered other conversations. I was intrigued. Where was the virtue signaling? Where were the demands to force people via government to accept unlimited immigration into their midst and then financially support it, indefinitely?

Nowhere, that's where.

At some point during the last year, the myth that most of the immigrants are legitimate asylum seekers or highly qualified has died. There were cautious murmurs, tight lips and downcast eyes as they waited for someone to change the topic. I can't recount exactly what was said to lead to the following exchange, but the exchange itself is relatively accurate, translated as it must be from the original. Keep in mind that aside from myself, these are all socialists:

X: "But they (politicians) don't realize the real consequences of what they are doing. They are insulated from the changes taking place. Out of touch."

I: "The politicians know exactly what they are doing, that's their responsibility. They are intentionally changing the demographics of your country. But you're right, they don't pay the price."

Y: " Somehow no matter who gets elected, they keep making the same mistakes."

I: "You're being exceptionally generous describing their actions as mistakes. They are committing demographic suicide. Nobody voted for this. Nobody voted to be ruled by an unelected bureaucracy in Brussels."

Y: "But you can't say that..."

X: "Even though it's true. You're right, but you... you can't say that."

I: "Why not? I just did. What are you going to do, become a minority in your own country? Demographically it's already decided, in the next 20 years..."

Y: "Well, you can say that. But I can't."

I: "What do you mean?"

Y: He lowered his voice, "You're a foreigner, you're not from here. But if I said that," he drew a finger across his throat, "they would finish me off."

X: "Yeah, you can say that. We can't."

I: "What? Do you know how that sounds? Who?"

Y: "It's political correctness, you can't go against it. They would make my life hell, harass me, get me fired."

X: "Look, it's a system. It starts with a complaint and then the rumor mill escalates it, people talk, people complain about being uncomfortable. Students get riled up about "racism" or "intolerance", parents get involved, people lose their jobs. The press can crucify you. I have a wife and kids, it's dangerous."

I: "But it's not about race at all, it's about ideology. And the only people political correctness helps is politicians. You just acknowledged they're screwing up in an epic way. Shouldn't you be speaking up?"

Y: "You're not from here, people don't expect you to conform. You have the freedom of the fool. We might agree, but we couldn't say so even if we did."

X: "The freedom of the fool, that's it exactly. You have it, we don't."

I looked around the table. Many of the colleagues there were quite obviously pretending not to listen, but the tide had turned, I could feel it. The moral grandstanding of open-border self-sacrifice that was omnipresent just a year ago had given way to something more realistic, something darker, something resigned. Nobody was willing to argue that the EU open border policy should continue.


I relate this because I perceived it as a watershed moment. When I looked around the table, I made eye contact with most everyone there. There were no looks of disagreement. They all felt it. The tide had changed. The left had allowed the political class to call the tune for too long, and they could finally see that they, their children and their culture are going to have to pay the piper.

Predictably, someone changed the subject.


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It seems that the Marxist international revolution has succeeded spectacularly in the Eurozone. We can no longer use the term "Europe," since the inhabitants of the region either willfully repudiate their heritage, or have no cultural connection to European heritage. Who would have thought that Europe would be conquered not by the 15 million strong Soviet revolutionary soldiers but by mere narrative of some imagined offenses resulting from "capitalist imperialism?" Calamus gladio fortior indeed!

It is difficult to comprehend that your colleagues once descended from those for whom carrying swords to duels in defense of perceived offense was normal. In 30 years, no one will believe that Europeans invented that most efficient civilian killing tool in all of human history - the rapier. While the Huns rape their wives, eat their children, and burn their houses down, your neutred colleagues' only concern is offending the sensibility of their tormentors. Slavery is a step up for some humanoids.


I appreciate your comment as always, to the point, a scathing but irrefutable honesty and formulated in a manner highly palatable for refined sensibilities. It is intolerable when people are so cowed they refuse to speak their mind for fear of offending those who are actively working against their interests. Cowards all.

That is incredible to witness first hand the shifting of sentiment and the honestly that came out of it in the conversation. They cower like someone who has been abused and is afraid to set off their abuser. Both interesting to observe and scary that this has really happened.

Open boarders will never be viable in any country, because it put's a massive financial burden which has no chance of being able to be paid for. The truth is that the majority of those seeking to live in Europe or even the US, do not come with high skills or education to add much in return to being taken care of. There is an argument that if they at least bring a work ethic, there are plenty of low tiered jobs that no legal citizen wants to have.

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I believe that this watershed moment was the intended purpose of the suicidal policy to begin with.

There will be war in Europe, and the ethnicity of the participants will be the determining factor as to which side the people are on. Profitable war. War against the Muslims that have invaded Europe and raped their women and daughters. It will be a revolution against the EU that will leave Europe balkanized, perhaps even to the degree it was prior to WWI. It will be a war that leaves a united European people fractured, divided, and at the mercy of the Zionist lords of deception and war that successfully implemented the plan. People like Soros, Rothschild, and Kolomoisky.

People will quickly forget that their governments fed them to the immigrants on purpose, and fight at their urging against the very foes they set on them. It may also happen in the US. Those communists and fascist leftists too stupid to abandon the PC policies will end up in the camps along with the Muslims they loyally support against their own people, until they are executed as traitors.

I recommend you consider preparing to move when things get to the point that war is clearly about to begin. If I'm wrong, having a plan B won't hurt you. If I'm right...

I suspect this is why Putin has been suffering Netanyahu lately, despite their face-off in Syria. It is also the reason behind the preparations in Kaliningrad today. Keep your options open my friend.



I agree the situation has been intentionally engineered, but I am not sure when the governments engage their war machines it will be on the "side" of the native populations, they certainly aren't acting on their behalf now, why should that change when the shtf? It is however certainly done with the intent of instituting a more centralized and repressive regime out of the chaos that follows. Regardless of how it play out, it is not going to end like anyone plans, of that I am quite sure. I elaborate on this perspective a bit in my most recent post here. We shall see.

I definitely have a plan B, the question will be if once events are set in motion it remains viable. I trust you know of Deagle?


I dunno how I conveyed the impression of some partisanship on the part of the warmongers, as I don't mean to. They just pit two sides against each other, sell them both weapons, and profit. In the EU, they have been engineering crises for centuries, so perhaps familiarity with the cultures there (as well as their personal racial biases) does engender some preference.

I have been chilled by what I read of Deagle. However, I am confident that my paltry grasp (as a lone researcher) of history and development is not singular, and I also know well that the causes of environmental degradation aren't merely population pressure, but laid at the feet of abysmal development and husbandry practices. Slash and burn, monoculture, RoundUp ready GMOs, etc... are practically perfectly designed to savage the ecological wealth humanity depends on for not just it's quality of life, but survival, and far more efficient methods of development exist.

The problem with these better methods is that they aren't as capturable by pirates competing for market share, so pirates don't use them. Deagle is fully competent to grasp this, discuss better alternatives, and promulgate them. Industry is replete with competent analysts and researchers that have not done so.

I don't think that failure of better development is accidental, rather I feel it's a deliberate means of increasing the power of pirates to command economic resources.

While I am pretty black-pilled, I also am certain that appropriate development is so much more profitable that it will quickly dominate extant piracy based models when released into the wild. That's why I am presently working to develop a suite of tools and methods to replace extant development infrastructure.


There is an excellent documentary called "Population Boom!" that really takes the overpopulation narrative to task. Very much recommended.

After I read one of your recent posts I have been gathering a list of renewable/sustainable technologies and formulating ideas for self-sustainable residence that I want to work into a post sometime.

I am curious what it will take to get the suppressed technologies released that would essentially dismantle the debt and death paradigm.


I will be looking for that post regarding the residence.

I dunno if certain suppressed techs will ever be released, because some of them much counter the power of pirates, but I am sure they will be rediscovered.

We did it once. We can do it again.