A Comment I made on the term "Normal" a little while back...

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I commented to an article awhile back, and I felt like sharing that comment here as I said some things about the concept of "normal" that I don't think I've ever framed quite this way.

The article had the title Mag Tells Teens: Nothing ‘Wrong With Getting an Abortion,’ ‘Completely Normal’ that should give you some context.

My Comment

The Nazis were convinced that gassing Jews was normal too. Normal can be whatever a culture considers normal. People from outside that culture may visit and find it not normal at all. All NORMAL really is is a couple of critical thinking fallacies. It is an argument from popularity fallacy (aka bandwagon), and an argument from authority fallacy in the case of the person stating it is normal.

If it truly were normal you wouldn't need a procedure. Your body would already have a mechanism for it, kind of like using the restroom, puking, sneezing, etc.

People that use "Normal" the way this article does can normalize ANYTHING even truly atrocious things. Second/Third Trimester, and Post Birth abortions are atrocious.

Normalizing this is also another step towards the chronic problem we have with removing responsibility from people. They like to pass laws, yet they clearly do not have any interest in responsibility for their own actions.

They also like to call it Pro-Choice, but really this is the only thing they are pro choice on. All other things they expect you to conform or be censored, attacked, fined, imprisoned, have bank accounts closed, etc. They are great at hijacking labels and using them incorrectly in a more propaganda like technique. In fact, that and projection might be the only skills they seem really good at.

Projection - "Accuse your enemy of that which you are guilty of" - also a Nazi Propaganda Technique. Such things have been encouraged by the Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinski (loved by many Leftists including Hillary and Obama).

NOTE: Rules for Radicals didn't have anything in it about making sure you were not making mistakes. It didn't encourage people to make sure they were doing the right thing and question their own actions. It is purely about manipulation and being able to FORCE your designs upon the world.

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The welfare state that supports single mothers is also not normal.

Degeneracy enforced into law.


Most of what people call normal is not normal. It is just something accepted by a particular group. Normal is the things that happen regardless of opinions, beliefs, etc. The term normal as it is generally used is nothing more than peer pressure (aka an Argument from Popularity fallacy).

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"It is purely about manipulation and being able to FORCE your designs upon the world."

It is terribly unfortunate that the above is indeed completely normal.