I no longer consider peak stupidity as a fixed location. The current pacing of growth in stupidity seems to be outpacing Moore's Law.

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I no longer consider peak stupidity as a fixed location. The current pacing of growth in stupidity seems to be outpacing Moore's Law.

Take the following article as a current example, though it easy to find a growing number of examples on a daily basis.

Beehives in Texas attacked, set on fire, killing half a million bees, officials say

Nihilism writ large

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Man, why take out rage on a bunch of bees? Seriously?

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When I was a kid, my neighbor had several large boxes of bees. I didn't realize anything about bees at the time, other than they sting the hell out of you.

So I was outside, throwing rocks at the bees and their box hives one day, much like I always did. The old man next door, must have been 80 years old, picked up some rotten pears that had fallen from his pear tree and started to throw them at me!

I was a rather startled 7 or maybe 8 year old kid. So I went inside and told my Dad about how this crazy ass old man was throwing fucking pears at me!

I eventually became very good friends with my neighbors, I learned a lot about bees too. I was never stung once.

However, there is a certain amount of thrill involved in tampering with a bee hive.

I spent an hour or two as kids throwing rocks at wasps nests, and running from them. We were all young, stupid kids finding cheap thrills by poking at nature.

Do these people want to kill off all the flowers? Because this is how you kill off all the flowers.


And a lot of the food we eat.

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Shame an environmental terrorism charge isn't available... who knows what the actual effect to the surrounding area would be? We know our veggie patch thrives because two of our neighbours keep beehives.

Words escape me, why not just let them go?


Mate. Yu want bee storys. You herd of Manuka honey? Big money. Hundrds dollars per kilo. Big money isolated hives recipe for scumbags. Land owners getting Cort involved to stop bee trespass cos big industry stacking fucktons of hives close to boundary on neighbouring property and that starve out farmers bees. Also usual small timer villanry stolen and ransakked hives. Fights in cort over industery standard measures, Australians stealing place of origin IP by using the name. And some shitheds adultrating the Manuka hony with ordinary stuff. Low key war mate. And this for hony you not ment to eat. Fuck me days its crazy.