Venmo flags transactions and suspends accounts based on "Cuba" footnote.

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I charged my girlfriend on Venmo for going to a Cuban restaurant the other day... $53.66... yeah, she tips a lot because she used to work in the service industry.

In any case her account was suspended due to my note on the transaction, "Cuba". Wow, talk about economic sanctions. If you want to really annoy someone on Venmo just charge them for things that have economic sanctions I guess. "Venezuela" would be a good one as well. What about "Iraq", "Iran", or "Afghanistan"? Oh man, we could create so many red flags for them to deal with. How glorious.

My girlfriend's account was full on suspended until she gave them the address of the fucking business we went to and explained it was for Cuban food. Fucking unreal. Are they serious? They're serious.

Just another example of how aggressive AI and flagging is getting when it comes to the digital economy. Data is more regulated than ever and it will become exponentially worse over the next 10 years.

Bitcoin fixes this.

Maybe not Bitcoin directly, but certainly a coin under Bitcoin's protection. The cryptosphere is a living breathing entity without a lot of competition. There's so much work to be done there's little reason to compete. With all the best code being open-source it becomes even more difficult to compete. This is not a competition; these are communities that largely remain collaborative (RIP Tron DIAF).


I wouldn't even write the stupid note if VENMO DIDNT FORCE USERS TO DO IT.
Now they are sanctioning accounts based on a shadow-blacklist?
That's fucking crazy... and also totally expected, especially for 2020.
Suck it up buttercup, the best is yet to come.

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