Someone needs to be Held Accountable for the Crime of the Coronavirus! - Enjoy with Troy!




Accountability For Covid 19

I am getting very tired of this virus. Many of us cannot work because of stay at home orders. Restaurant and entertainment venues are closed. And the world seems to have changed overnight.

This was not from a wet market animal or bat soup.

With all the deaths, sickness and money lost, someone needs to be held accountable. This was a lab produced by a -bio-weapon and a criminal act. There is a lab in Wuhan. Event 201 occurred in Wuhan in 2019 where the world leaders discussed 'What would happen if a lab produced virus were to spread across the world.' Fifteen years before there was talk of China catching a cold and giving it to the world.

Justice needs to be served. The worldwide result is a hell of a bill. Where is accountability in society?

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Unfortunately, we will never see justice.

There, is simply, just us.

You can't put the genie back in the bottle, nor the toothpaste back in the tube.
We must learn that we live in a world where powerful, power hungry people do evil things, and then we must remove their power.

The CCP will fall. China will break into many pieces.
The US will be destroyed for its part in this crime.

However, a much stronger and better world will result from this exposure of evil.