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Remember when you grandmother would count your toes and say...

The Rhyme

This little piggy went to market. This little piggy stayed home. This little piggy had roast beef. This little piggy had none. And this little piggy cried "Wee Wee Wee" all the way home.

So which piggy would you want to be?



They may teach you this as the official narrative of the rhyme, but don't believe them.


The first pig gets butchered. The second stays home perhaps because it was too old, pregnant or ill health. The third piggy needs to be fattened up and had roast beef. I did not know pigs eat cows. The fourth did not need to eat. Perhaps it was plenty fat and ready to soon be butchered. And the last barely escaped butchering, as it cried, "Wee, Wee, Wee."

They may say that they are here to help you, but don't believe them.

The Moral

I often wonder if we are like those pigs. The system butchers us, whether it is the stock market, health system, or our own government. Corruption has its slaughter house and is eager to butcher us. But before it does, it has to fatten us up on socialism and make us dependent on the system. They feed us monetary addictive heroin and compromise our health with corrupted processed food. They give us drugs with countless side effects. Yeah, that is our caring daddy government.



For You

So which piggy are you? Are you ready for slaughter or are you still being fattened? Are you sick from the disease of socialism? Or are you the piggy who narrowly escaped the slaughter of the butcher's cleaver and are wiser? Are you squealing, "Wee, Wee, Wee" as you try to wake the other piggies of the dangers ahead?

Be wise. The Piggy Slaughter house Butcher is waiting for you.

And Spiritual Application

Jesus was the piggy that took the slaughter at market, so we could stay home and not have to suffer. His bloody carcass paid the cost of us piggies to live. We do not have be butchered if we believe in Him.

They may tell you that you don't need Christ in your life. Once again... don't believe them.

Be Wise and be blessed.

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