Here is Why I Support the Kavanaugh Confirmation

2년 전


Now I know this is a very sensitive issue, as sexual harassment is one to always be taken seriously no matter who is involved but even as Judge Kavanaugh has been confirmed into the US Supreme court I give my reasons for backing the decision. In the advent that indeed the accusations turn out to be true I will apologize immediately and be the first to vilify him. But until then, these are my reasons:

  1. The timing of the accusations appear purely political. Now am not saying they are completely false, but even the most biased of persons has to see this as a purely political move. Kavamaughs confirmation was important because it tilts the Supreme Court Judges to the Right and chances are the Leftists were trying to delay the confirmation till after the November election (which they are tipped to win a majority of seats)

  2. An Accusation is not a Sentence: It is easy for anyone, and I do mean anyone to make an accusation at anytime and if we give validity to such accusations purely because of political ideologies then we put ourselves on self destructive path. Everyone remains innocent until proven guilty and it is a shame that some people already branded him without waiting to hear the full story/ an investigation.

The Judge himself is no perfect being, and I find faults on both Democratic and Republican side of the spectrum, but there must be a line not to be crossed in this game of politics. The left and right need to stop playing politics with their future.

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