Jihad Watch: Boko Haram Kills Aid Worker, Says Christian Girl to be Slave

2년 전

The Islamic terrorist group, Book Haram has killed another of the three ICRC aid workers who were kidnapped in Rann March this year. Hauwa's death, as reported by the cable, came 24 hours after the ultimatum given to the government.

It is the second murder after Hussaini Ahmed was killed by the sect in September following similar threats. Also, the Christian girl held in captivity for refusing to renounce her faith – Leah Sharibu, has been declared a slave by the sect who have vowed to do whatever they wish with her.

Book Haram, Operating majorly in the Northern Part of Nigeria and some parts of West Africa, has committed some of the worst atrocities known to present day Nigeria with a casualty figure that surpasses that of ISIS.

The governments failure to intervene has been heavily criticized as the politicization of such sensitive issues take centre stage while Christians and even Muslims who oppose the sect remain an endangered species.

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Boko - not Book

As for their motivation being islamic, I find myself doubting it. Africa has always had this kind of terrorism, always with some excuse that they are fighting for democracy or freedom or ...now, religion. It is a power game to them, that is all.


Am intrigued you find the motivation to be racial, rather than Ideological.

I give it to you that African nations have had a history of violence, but so has the religion.

Nigerian's did not bomb themselves over anything before the advent of Boko Haram, now it is almost a regular thing in the far North. Believe me when I say that no amount of Ethno-racial conflict could have caused that other than an in grained ideology.

Don't forget that it happens elsewhere outside African and even the Western nations


It never crossed my mind to blame race, so I do not know where you found it.

I was blaming this on hard people who use religion and politics to grab power - and if they have to concentrate on killing children and women, it makes no difference to them. I referred to the fact that over the last 50 years, most of the guerilla groups in Africa were not fighting for the people, they only told the white people it is so, knowing we are stupid and fall for that kind of BS and will provide them with weapons and money - so that they can replace the dictatorship they were fighting with a new dictatorship

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