Jihad Watch: The Apologists

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There is an argument that Islamic extremism cannot be attached to the religion because the non extremists or moderates are in the majority. I will be blunt and call this a farce and even go as far as calling it very unhelpful not to criticize the violent tendencies of a supposed few practicing the religion because they are in the minority.

This is because extremism does not grow because of the actions of the extremists only, they grow largely due to the inactions and secret endorsements by those who are supposedly moderate. Moreso, the bar of Being considered Moderate in the Religion is extremely low to mean not associating with any form of violent extremism.

It has grown to the extent that the media is so quick to paint the religion in a good love light in the unfortunate advent of an attack but very slow to address those underlying reasons for such extremist behaviors.

We don’t help by not criticizing violent extremism. Christianity also had to undergo several revolutions that has seen the message of love prioritized above others in Modern day Christian beliefs.

It is quite obvious that the facilitators of these atrocities have studied Western reactions to situations and have started using them to their advantage. Islam needs a revolution, and if it is to come then people must be constantly aware of that fact to propel the right

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You totally make sense with this post. It may be painful for some to hear about Moderates doing this but I believe there is Truth to it. Thanks @gabriel90sson for posting this !