Midterm Elections: Conservatives Beware of Social Manipulation

2년 전


You would think it sounds easy enough to avoid, but the Alabama elections as well as the Kavanaugh issue has raised a solid concern on how conservatives tend to fall for obvious propagandas.

As the midterm elections near, the mainstream actors will once again be relying on this propagandas to Spur them to victory. If things remain the same ,it very well will do just that. While Conservatives are neither renowned nor powerful enough to fight the propaganda wars, they do tend to fall for it a lot.

A good example is the guilt trip against women who asked for a thorough investigation in the Kavanaugh case. A simple, reasonable request suddenly became an acceptance of slavery and racism in the eyes of mainstream reporters. With the pressure increasingly turned on during this periods, it may very well cause a lot of Conservatives to Vote outside their initial candidates of choice or simply Abstain.

The propaganda wars do not wait for an election season to begin, they begin immediately after the end of an election and build up to the next election as we’ve seen with Trump. It will be a mistake to think that it doesn’t work when one is been fed lies over and over again. Eventually you begin to have doubts which is the exact goal of the political class.

Let us hope people have learned their lessons so far and are willing to keep seeing these things for what they are.

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