Religious Fundamentalism: Avoid the Appeasers

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I sometimes love to get a Global view of local problems that plague my country of birth and residence – Nigeria. One of them is Religious extremism that has seen the rise of Islamist groups like Boko Haram and Militant Herdsmen.

When I read some articles about the current situation of things, I often get a chuckle or two on how these ‘super smart’ writers seem to take political correctness to a whole new level. It has become a crime to label something as it is for the sake of sounding offensive. Matter of concern is that many writers have actually fallen for their own delusions and actually believe what they write without the need to be politically correct.

Even in this Country where Religious tensions are super heightened, it is crazy how the media goes great lenghts to cover stuff up. We can understand in the sense that the Central Government exerts a ridiculous amount of control over everything, but we keep lying to ourselves at their expense.

The truth is that Islamic Fundamentalism is very real, and quite prevalent in my country for instance. When people quickly point out how the fundamentalists are but a tiny minority, am quick to state how the moderate majority does next to nothing to resist Fundamentalism.

We must exercise caution in the way we report our own versions of truths but at the same time it must never be to the extent that we begin believing our own lies.

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The central purpose regarding propaganda is that the public must never be certain of the central authority's intent regarding the information being distributed. Even as the public understands that much of the information is misdirection and falsehood, as long as the public is not aware of the intended outcome from the result of certain information, the propaganda have succeeded. All media outlets are propaganda perveyors, only their intended objective differs.

Marginalization of reporting regarding Islamic extremism in Sub-Saharan Africa, using political correctness, is likely the West's propaganda to accentuate the "crisis" in the Middle East at the cost of ignoring the problems in Sub-Saharan Africa. Despite much rhetoric about "globalization," the developed nations of the West possess little to no interest regarding Africa. This blindness towards Africa resulted in the CCP hegemony in Africa via its debt-fueled financial colonization. It may be that once the CCP extends its grubby tendrils into Nigeria, Xinhua will report Islamism of Boko Haram as an "international threat," urging and justifying the group's extermination.

In order to combat extremists in the vein of Boko Haram, there needs to be an incentive for the central authority towards action, whether it be securing foreign investments, diplomatic inclusion at a regional summit, etc. The Nigerian central authority likely has not found any convincing incentive to lauch a campaign of extermination.


I think it is a lot more complicated than just incentives from my own standpoint but I find the analysis quite apt.

the developed nations of the West possess little to no interest regarding Africa.

This much seems very true

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