Us Election Watch: Why the Dems May Take Over (Final Part

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As stated earlier, the level of divisiveness among conservative is worrying. Sure Democrats have their own issues like the socialists against the mainstream Liberals but their divisiveness is not as publicized perhaps thanks to the media at their disposal.

I have long been an advocate for doing the right thing over doing things right, but it is quite obvious that in the game of power choosing self righteous stances over the collective wellbeing of the side that best represents ones ideological background – will lead to failure and an easy ascension for rivals.

Money and the Information War
No doubt one side is obviously better funded than the other, even though it didn’t mean much during the last elections. The fact remains that money plays a major role in the information war that should not be underestimated. Look for instance at the silencing of alternative opinions by the big social media platforms. Obviously they can keep that up because they remain well funded and the fact remains that if people do not come across the truth, they wouldn’t know about it.

The Trump Factor
This goes both ways and it remains to be seeing how it plays. Trump will play a big role in the coming elections and what results we get will largely depend on him. A lot of people who voted him previously are reviewing their options thanks to the incessant attacks by the media and also largely to his own penchant for the erratic.

For his part, he is actively rallying the base to get out and vote so it will be very naïve to simply write off the Republicans yet.

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