When Women Become the Target of Feminists

2년 전


The Modern day rageful movement that carries the feminism banner is certainly one that is hard to ignore. The goal seems quite clear for them: to bring everyone in line by whatsover means necessary.

While men have often been the primary victims of the antics of this movement, even women who don't share similar militant feminist ideologies get attacked as being 'traitors', 'stupid' or some other slur.

Unfortunately conservative women bear the brunt of their antics as the extreme feminists tend to side with the Ideological left. Conservative women are prevented from stating their views that sometimes run contrary to this set, often shouted down into silence.

A good example was the attack by feminists on Female Republicans as being 'Racists', and supporters of Rape. This kind of shaming obviously choose to ignore the fact that Kavanaugh was most likely innocent but was automatically presumed guilty based on gender.

Perhaps we wouldn't pay attention to them but for two reasons - they are becoming increasing political and are tarnishing a very honourable push for equality by women. Militant feminism has to will only delay progress that should have been made and consolidated on.

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