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April 22, 2018
To whom it may concern,
We are delighted to count Krissy Smith as one of the supporters of Erasing Family Documentary. Her efforts in spreading awareness of how family courts too easily erase a loving, fit parent from their children’s lives are vital to ensuring that no child will be traumatized in the future. To date she has made a tax-deductible donation of more than $15,000 and in true generosity of spirit, has asked that they be put in the names of other erased parents. To date the film has more than 400 donors, almost all of them parents who have been erased from their children’s lives. They not only share resources with the film, but share their heartbreaking stories on our social media accounts (we have over 20,000 followers on Facebook).
I first met Krissy at an event we had in New York City in June 2017. We stayed in touch and she has been following the progress of the film. We have finished filming and are currently working on editing the film with a Sundance and Oscar winning team. The film when released will have curriculum packets for schools, universities. To be clear, the film will be told from the perspective of erased children as they reunite with their families. The film does not focus on the case of Krissy Smith. We have interviewed experts and children all over the world who bring unique perspectives to this issue. Already, the film has been featured on Bravo TV and in many media outlets.
Our team cannot wait to share this film with all the people who are reading this letter. The documentary will change the way we talk about divorce and child custody and move society to finally put children first.
Warmly, and with every best wish,
Ginger Gentile Director, Erasing Family Documentary project

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the use of the so called pyschologists for legal or political warfare is as old as the world...

one good trick is to introduce a partener to an addictive substance in an homeopathic way and then to the withdrawal...

so the victim has mood swing without understand how it is possible...

like you know if the psychologist industry doesn't know about whitedrawal but use it to tell guilible there are sick...

we are at late stage form of civilization, don't worry much it's plagues time, soon new version of ncov + carnivore swarm of locusts...

and in all event never ever dare to trust the "legal judicial system", it's all giant scam everywhere, which only goal is to foster revenues for leeches...

look at how michael flynn is being treated... it's the most obvious.... ask your peers for help and try to find a solution acceptable to all in those cases... most of the time admit your failing

and if you get cornered into a divorce court, fucking flee, change jurisdiction without extradiction and you are safe...

like when swedish child rapists supporter wnat to take your kids to give them to child rapists, move to russia... game over for the proud virulent aggressive swedish "cops" because there are russian border guards (And they will shoot to kill... without even NKVD helpers :D).


I really appreciate your comment. Thanks for sharing!


understand the limitation of jurisdiction is critical in those time of tyranny by the western globalized childraping cleptocratic artistocracy supporting the medical tyranny... for example AG Barr or the CIA Director Haspel are powerful people in america, once they cross the border of China, and you are legal there, both are just meat... meat for my crabs... nothing else :), that's important to remember... they boast their little pecs while they have agency, but as soon as you cross the border of Russia, they are nothing, just target partice... and for real, look at snowden, chilling in moskow :) and they can do nothing... (or risks dying :)).


He still betrayed to reveal nothing, specially has everything was written in the NDAA 2003 signed by GWB... However, he still was right to not hide in the "ecuadorian" embassy.

The way they lie about people. I am glad you make videos and expose it.