Israel and Saudi Arabian Joint Attack on an Iranian Base in Syria ! While the Great American Eagle Watches from up above !


The latest round of attacks on Iran’s military complex in Syria’s Abu Kamal region are a joint operation by the Israeli and Saudi air forces, DEBKAfile and Gulf military sources reported on Friday, Sept. 20. Their targets are the al Qods Brigades bases, command centers, missile and ammo stores which Iran has set up close to the Syrian-Iraqi border, as well as Iraqi Shiite militia and Lebanese Hizballah forces. An estimated 100 Iranian and militia combatants were reported killed in the joint operation and several hundred injured.

Western military sources report that the “unidentified” UAVs sighted lately flying over Iranian concentrations in Syria belong to Saudi Arabia. One was shot down on Thursday. Those sources add that the US is providing air cover, as well as running intelligence, but not otherwise intervening in the first Saudi-Israel military collaboration ever to be revealed. It was part of President Donald Trump’s rationale when he decided to hold off from direct US military action in retaliation for Iran’s crippling missile-cum-drone assault on the Saudi oil procession plant at Abqaiq and the Kurais oilfield last Saturday. Trump appears to be waiting to see how the still ongoing Israeli-Saudi offensive against Iran turns out.

But Trump does not want War, but will if Pushed Go in Hard No Doubt ! But seemingly there has been a deal where he has handed over to Israel and Saudi Arabia the task of taking them on ! Watching from afar America is no doubt analysing the developments and will act accordingly to information received !

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There was a bombing reported by Syrian sources about that particular bombing, the US was very much involved, downplaying their involvement won't relief their responsibility, but the casualties are just exaggerated with at least 50 times, the news from local sources said about 10 killed and injured in that attack, nevertheless, it's a bad thing the Saudis did and the Israelis as well, they are choosing soft targets and each one of them is literally a one bomb state.

Saudi used to be a two bomb state, one already used and halved their output of oil, any second strike against Saudi will delete their progress since 1915, when they used to live in tents.

As for the Israelis, they're adding up to the list of scores they'll be paying back for hard. No US can help them in a future confrontation, the US has more than enough sitting ducks in the region and as much suicidal some Pentagon officials might be, the wise ones won't sacrifice thousands of US troops to be taken out in the first wave of retaliation.

The Saudis and Israelis had their days in the previous 8 years, now they're in the overtime, mark my words.