Trump fires Warmonger NeoCon John Bolton ! Finally the World can Breathe again and We can see an End to these Endless Wars of Obama in the Middle East!


“John Bolton is absolutely a hawk,” Trump told NBC in June. “If it was up to him, he’d take on the whole world at one time ! But that doesn’t matter now, because I want both sides.”

John Bolton has been booted from his post of National Security Adviser to the Trump administration and I am sure that most people that know of his methodology and idea,s on how the world should be "policed " by America and kept in check with "boots on the ground " with deaths on both sides will breath a sigh of relief to see him go!

With countless deaths of civilians and many good Patriot Americans soldiers being killed needlessly in the War of attrition and Dust with the murderous army of Isis that hides in it ! This surely must be a good thing for Peace in the World and yet again Trump is proving to be a strong President with a clear intention of focusing more on America,s internal issues and problems rather than this " interventionist " policy of recent administrations seen under the three rogues of Clinton, Bush and Obama !

Here are a couple of videos that I have selected for you to look at, if you would like more information on this, I think Great and Beautiful turning point in the Foreign Policy of the New United States of America born under this Magnificent Administration of Trump and the cool more level headed Patriots that stand beside him in this Monumental fight against the insane Industrial Military Complex run by the hidden hand of Evil Do,ers in this World !

Rand Paul ! Trump was Right to remove Bolton!

It was a marriage that was never going to last: Trump and Bolton rarely saw eye to eye on global hotspots. The national security adviser held far more hawkish views than the “America first” president on matters like Iran, North Korea and Afghanistan.


The Red Elephants Vincent James
Published on 10 Sep 2019

So Yeah ! Goodbeye Mr Bolton ! Dont let the Door Hit You on the Way Out !!

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Thank god cuz that guy was a fucking maniac war mongerer! I hope he goes home and eats a bullet!


Hey there @moderndayhippie ! Great to hear from you again Brother )) Yeah im still pinching myself to realise that " fckface" has got the Trump Boot !! YOUR FIRED !!!! sounds real good to me !! Alot of amazing things happening right now, I,m sure you see ! People still bashing Trump left and right, but he holds firm and you will see that he will go down as the man that did indeed save the world from the Cabal of Evil that has been strangling us all since far too long! Both home and abroad ! Thanks for the comment really good to see you again here on my comment section ! Dont be a stranger allright ?? )) WWG1WGA Patriot !