Black shadow of Covid 19 is covering the globe, but Vietnam still shines?

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Quick update on Covid-19

At this time, if you have not checked for information on the black shadow of the Covid-19 pandemic. You can skim through the following information:


  • Worldwide, more than 100,000 cases have been infected (confirmed).
  • 3.406 people died by Covid-19
    Of course, given that China has truthfully reported data. If not, the number will be much more terrible.
    Covid-19 is also spreading rapidly in South Korea, Iran and Italy.

Different from previous epidemic disasters. Today, people moving by plane and there is a strong connection between nations. Therefore, with the long incubation period, Covid-19 has quickly spread to 96 countries at the present time. In fact, when I look at the data on the number of people infected in China every day, I see a glimmer of hope, but right now it is spreading across multiple continents with the sudden increase in the number of deaths, especially in Korea, Iran.

Perhaps you also realized that not only your health and life are at stake, but even your money is being threatened by Covid-19 so I don't want to talk more here. What I want to say here is the magic of Vietnam before the Covid19 disaster, miraculously incredible.

The magic in Vietnam

When the disease of Covid19 (then named Corona) began to break out in China. On Lunar New Year holidays (ie from January 24, 2020) Vietnam still welcomes guests from China as if nothing has happened. Nearly 650,000 Chinese tourists came to Vietnam in January 2020. And in the first 2 months of 2020, there were 838,600 arrivals from China to Vietnam (excluding the number of illegal entry), and visitors from South Korea were 790,400.
Vietnam is also a country that delays closing its border with China compared to other neighboring countries of China. Because it is explained that closing the border requires Chinese consent. OMG.!
The great thing I noted is that, after a infected case with Covid, the government's reaction was almost better, even outrageous. According to the Ministry of Health, as of 2/20/2020, the number of suspected cases in Vietnam is 115, 10,089 cases close contact, returning from the epidemic area isolated & health monitoring.

But today, according to government data, Vietnam has officially had 16 positive cases with Covid19 and has been cured.
What is even more strange is that many unusual street deaths in Vietnam have been recorded, there are also cases of death and symptoms similar to those of Covid19 infection. But all these cases were negative results with Covid19.
Here are a few examples:

Oh, I really hope all the information the government publishes is true. Anyway, the current information about Covid19 in Vietnam is believed to be too good. Better than imagined in other countries while the infection is easier. And some schools in Vietnam have started sending students back to school, perhaps by the end of March, all students in Vietnam will go to school.

I do not want to doubt the government in this case. Because disease if outbreak would not be controlled, the government might not dare to take too much risk.

What do you think about the Covid data in Vietnam published by the government?

  • A miracle?
  • Good control and prevention?
  • Luck?
  • Vietnamese atopic is not suitable for Covid?
  • Fraud for economic goals?

Anyway, I hope this nightmare will pass soon.! Good luck to you!

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