Conclusion and Call to Action of the EXPOSÉ: BillGates-COVID-19-ID2020-WHO-CDC-BigPharma-Gavi-Rockefeller: Connecting the Dots



Conclusion and Call to Action

final part of the EXPOSÉ: BillGates-COVID-19-ID2020-WHO-CDC-BigPharma-Gavi-Rockefeller: Connecting the Dots

Introduction to this Exposé

Hello everyone,

This is a continuation of my exposé. In PART 1 - Bill Gates + Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation we saw how Bill Gates is not only a highly corrupt and evil individual thrusting his might to vaccinate every man, woman, and child on this planet, but also how he uses his billions and power and influence across a wide spectrum of alliances in order to push a greater agenda on the masses. In PART 2 - The CDC (Center for Disease Control) & PART 3 - The WHO (World Health Organization) we saw much of the same nefariousness. And in PART 4 - Big Pharma we saw how powerful and profitable the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world are and how much influence they have on academia, doctors, and health agencies and how they use that power to serve their profiteering agendas. In PART 5 - The Gavi Alliance we explored how the powerful Gavi Vaccine Alliances, spearheaded by Gates, uses its financial and political clout to strong-arm nations into donating billions and submitting to harmful vaccination programs. In PART 6 - The Rockefeller Foundation, I extensively demonstrated how the Rockefellers used their tremendous financial clout to essentially take over and corrupt the Western Medical Establishment; and also how they are currently positioning themselves with an action plan to essential impose an even more egregious system of medical tyranny on the back of COVID-19. In PART 7 - ID2020 under COVID-19 we examined some of the current biometric ID systems that are in the works through these nefarious powers plan to track, trace, test, database, and likely force-vaccinate us all for total control over our participation in society.

In this part, it is time to CONNECT IT ALL TOGETHER. And also to find out what what we all can do to counter this evil plan of total tyranny and control.

Note that this exposé has been divided into the following parts:

PART 1 - Bill Gates + Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

PART 2 - The CDC (Center for Disease Control)

PART 3 - The WHO (World Health Organization)


PART 5 - The Gavi Alliance

PART 6 - The Rockefellers & The Rockefeller Foundation

PART 7 - ID2020 under COVID-19

Conclusion & Call To Action (this post)

Note that the entire exposé can be viewed or downloaded from a single PDF File at


A heartfelt and sincere THANK YOU to the reader for making it this far down my little rabbit hole, for I can only surmise that your spark of curiosity has driven you so.

A quick thought on Information and Truth

There's no doubt we are living in an information age.

Truth is not only becoming more difficult to come by, but remains a lonely warrior in the arena of information warfare. Truth is treason in an empire of lies, a wise man once said.

Truth is dangerous; it can shackle you. But it can also set you free.

Truth is truth, even if no one believes it. A lie is a lie, even if everyone believes it.

As history is repeated itself, human liberty and consciousness are once again being challenged and assaulted to their core.

Our senses are constantly being bombarded with stimuli and oceans of information to sift through. The complexity of it all can be quite overwhelming and perplexing, not to mention emotionally exhausting. Our capacity for reasoning, forming clear, original, and rational thoughts is challenged by the presence of dark clouds. Yet these innate abilities of the human mind and soul remain within us all. They are always there and can never be taken away from us.

Our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, as we struggle to get along with our hectic daily struggles.

Since our precious time is scarce, we seek news and information mostly from sources we deem reliable and credible, often from those which satisfy our confirmation biases.

With so much out there, our ability to think critically is constantly put to the test. There's information, news, fake news, disinformation, misinformation, lies, propaganda, and so on.

When you think about it carefully though, there is no such thing as fake news, disinformation, misinformation, etc. It's all information. It's what we do with it that matters. We simply need to see it as such and use our wits to dissect it, discern it, analyze it, question it, cross-check it, challenge it, and so on.

We should question everything.


I invite the reader to question and challenge everything I have written, cited, and referenced in this exposé.

The beauty of the internet lies in its predisposition to serve as a public forum. It can also provide anonymity for privacy-oriented individuals. Sadly though, many fora have become cesspools and breeding grounds of hatred and division. Twitter is a prime example. The powers-that-shouldn't-be have designed these platforms with that very purpose in mind (perhaps not entirely, but at least partially).

Big Tech: Ministries of Truth

In addition, tech giants have, illegally I must add, taken it upon themselves to police, strictly control, and censor these public fora to a degree that is growing exponentially and becoming more dystopian by the day.

They have crowned themselves as the arbiters of truth.

A Ministry of Truth à la George Orwell, if you will.

They decide what are deemed legitimate sources of information, what consists of so-called "fake news", what constitutes hate speech, or what is considered politically incorrect. And they employ these fallacies not only to oppress their own users, but also to serve their masters - the "elite" who have funded them, placed them in their positions of power, and regiment their policies, procedures, and punishments.

Without going into great detail regarding their litany of offenses, I will, nevertheless, showcase a few examples as they relate to the COVID-19 Plandemic.



Google-owned YouTube has openly stated that it would only promote so-called "authoritative" sources regarding any videos related to the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Apart from the major MSM (Mainstream Media) outlets, it has designated the World Health Organization (WHO) as the only reliable source for COVID-19 information even though it has clearly been demonstrated in this exposé and elsewhere that the WHO has provided conflicting, politicized, and highly questionable information about the virus and related measures and recommendations.

Susan Wojcicki, the CEO of YouTube even stated publicly:

Anything that goes against World Health Organization recommendations would be a violation of our policy. (Sources: 1, 2)

You can hear her state this and other absurd YouTube policies on CNN's "Reliable Sources":


CNN - Inside YouTube's 'numerous policy changes' during the pandemic (click the link to visit the article and watch the video)

In addition, she stated her platform - the second most visited site on the internet after Google - would remove any information that is "false" and "medically unsubstantiated".

Who the hell made her Goddess of Truth?

And who granted YouTube the authority to determine and constitutes viable information related to COVID-19?

Moreover, please explain to me when exactly did these tech executives become the ones who get to determine what is deemed medically "false" or "unsubstantiated"?

The power they have grasped has proven extremely significant and highly consequential. This is extremely troubling and worrisome that a tech giant such as a video-sharing platform has suddenly rendered itself the gatekeeper of health and well-being of billions across the globe.

When millions, if not hundreds of millions, of individuals seek information about COVID-19 (or other health-related information) and YouTube decides which videos get shown, recommended, or not get shown, it can have a detrimental effect on people's ability to do research and make informed decisions.

Why don't they leave it ALL out there so that individuals can ultimately decide for themselves?

YouTube which boasts the second highest amount of visitors in the world combined with the extremely powerful medium that is video makes for a situation in which a handful of people can steer and shape the views of billions. That kind of overarching power should not exist!



Regarding the current COVID-19 Pandemic, Facebook has been banning the promotion of any kind of anti-lockdown protests events or anti social-distancing rhetoric on its platform.

Facebook removed posts intended to organize rallies protesting unconstitutional (at least in the United States) government stay-at-home orders. A Facebook company spokesperson confirmed that:

events that defy government's guidance on social distancing aren't allowed on Facebook.

A recent RealClear Politics article entitled Facebook's COVID-Protest Ban Renews Censorship Concerns on the matter astutely pointed out the following:

"That a private company can now unilaterally decided to simply delete the promotion of protests it deems unacceptable is a remarkable expansion of its power over what was once sacrosanct and constitutionally protected freedom."

If Facebook is taking it upon themselves to ban the promotion of protests related to COVID-19, what then restrains them from doing so for any other kind of protest?

Do you see how, they capitalize on these crises to acquire more and more power? Never let a good crisis go to waste!

With over two billion users worldwide, you can easily see how significant that level of power which a sole private company holds is crushingly detrimental to people's rights of expression and assembly.




Along with its Silicon Valley behemoth outfits mentioned above, Twitter is perhaps the worst offender.

It's recent policies and guidelines have dramatically changed what is now deemed "acceptable speech" during the pandemic as well as which thoughts and commentaries it allows.

What we are currently witnessing is straight out of George Orwell's 1984. There is little room on this platform for any kind of wrongthink.

Another recent article from RealClear Politics highlights the madness. Twitter bans posts that "actively encourage people to not socially distance themselves" and also prohibits the "denial of established scientific facts...or guidance from global and local health authorities despite these so-called "authoritative" having been repeatedly wrong in their predictions and own science.

For example, early in the pandemic, the WHO was encouraging individuals to NOT wear masks.



And another one from the US Surgeon General – a local health authority:



And we must not forget one from the CDC



So, the CDC also didn’t recommend the use of facemasks. Consider the timing of this tweet – February 28. So, if a U.S. traveler in Asia or China had followed these guidelines they could have exposed themselves to the coronavirus which had become rampant in that region at the end of February and the beginning of March.

So, let me get this straight. A “official” health “authorities” are suggesting to people not to buy masks (to protect themselves) and this is the kind of guidelines that Twitter endorses? Go it Jack; you’re policy makes perfect total sense to me now!

I know that some may argue that at that time (late February) that the virus was not perceived as a significant threat. But neither those making this argument nor Twitter could rebuke the fact that the WHO's very own Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove (Head of the Outbreak Investigation Task Force) stated on December 31st, 2019 that she suspected human-to-human transmission of the virus. (I have cited 6 sources to this effect in Part 3 of this exposé). To that effect, the logic of not wearing masks could easily be seen as a careless and harmful recommendation for an organization that is purposed in preventing the spread of infectious diseases. Same goes for the local (CDC and the U.S. Surgeon General) authorities in the United States.

I must ask about Twitter, how the heck will they assess health-related "facts" and "guidance" which differ between local and global authorities? What will Twitter do when they provide conflicting information or guidelines? You see how such broad rules get impossible to manage?

It’s absolute ridiculousness and folly.

With over 2 million cases and more than 114,000 deaths in the United States (and 7.6 million cases and over 425,000 deaths worldwide),


COVID-10 Cases and Deaths confirmed worldwide, as of June 13, 2020. Source:


COVID-10 Cases and Deaths confirmed in the United States, as of June 13, 2020. Source:

don’t you think that Twitter’s policy has not only been an utter disaster, but has in fact undeniably contributed to a portion of these infection and deaths? In other words, had people NOT followed these guidelines by these health “authorities” but rather from other (less compromised) ones with a modicum of common sense, many souls would have been spared.

Twitter has no business dictating such absurd policies, as can be deduced from any simple form of logical reasoning.

To conclude this stretched section on Twitter’s disastrous “Health Authority” experiment, we can easily see that it has been an utter and abject failure.

Countless other instances of their COVID-19 policies have also led to detrimental consequences.

Lastly, the whole, unfortunately ongoing, experiment also illustrates a notable level negligence of the so-called global and local health authorities.

Final Conclusion: Connecting it All Together

This exposé has been rather long and detailed. So, I think it would be best to summarize the salient points for each of the major participants that have been featured in this work and then show how they are in fact meshed into a single cohesive force working in unison to further enslave us all.

Bill Gates & The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

The fact that the billionaire is using the vast majority of his foundation's funds towards [mostly harmful] vaccination programs rather than for food, sanitation, and habitat endeavors in the third-world countries it operates in demonstrates his true intentions; these being population reduction as he so bluntly stated in his TED Talk:


  • His all out blitz and recent efforts of developing and pushing for COVID-19 vaccines and 'Immunity Passports' has been rather troubling and worrisome for those who want nothing to do with it and even fear that their respective governments or health authorities will play along and subject them to mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations which they fear with good reason, as was thoroughly demonstrated throughout this work.

Don't think this could happen where you live? Here is a very recent - and most troubling I must add - case regarding forced immunizations (vaccinations) in Colorado:

ZeroHedge - Colorado Bill Requires "Re-Education" For Parents Who Refuse The COVID-19 Vaccine
(alternate link here)
A few highlights [emphasis added]:

Colorado has introduced a bill that would “re-educate” parents who refuse to vaccinate their child with the coronavirus vaccine.

The bill forces all doctors and medical staff to give vaccinations with no exemptions, even if they are in a situation where they believe it would not be in that child’s best interest. The bill’s current version, however, does not list any sanctions or punishments for medical staff that refuse, according to Life News.

The bill just passed through a committee in Colorado (20-14) to reduce available exemptions on vaccinations for school-age children (making vaccines mandatory). This bill offers “online education modules” for parents who want a different vaccination schedule than what the state demands.

And from a related article on

Currently, New York, California, Mississippi, West Virginia, and Maine deny all vaccine exemptions based on religious belief. Legislators in Illinois are also pushing a bill to eliminate all religious exemptions.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo took mere minutes to sign a bill that passed the legislature last year stripping all religious exemptions to vaccinations in his state.

It’s time to remind our governors and legislators that our Bill of Rights says nothing about “public health,” but it says a lot about the liberty Gov. Cuomo is so quick to discard.

Regardless of whether you desire vaccines—or if you have serious concerns about them—freedom-loving patriots need to express solidarity in protecting the liberties of those who reject mandatory vaccines.

Making vaccines mandatory is a direct attack on our God-given, constitutionally protected religious liberty. And it is spreading across our nation far faster than the coronavirus!

Major international leaders are giving support, too. In the Philippines, students are banned from returning to school without a vaccine.

Radicals are demanding that they be able to inject your children and grandchildren with whatever comes out of the tests as “approved” from companies with hundreds of billions of dollars at stake.

Liberty Counsel Action is on the cutting edge of exposing these issues and raising warnings to open the eyes of freedom-loving Americans.

At least there is some opposition and push back against the bill called
SB20-163 School Entry Immunization
(see sources: 1, 2, 3, 4)

Are you looking forward to when this kind of legislation is passed in your neck of the woods?

As you can see, MAJOR PUSH BACK is required against these puppet legislators who have been lobbied and coerced by Big Pharma.

  • Lastly, Bill Gates numerous investments in Big Pharma and more specifically in vaccine manufacturers highlights his unethical, immoral, and most likely illegal conflicts of interests and profiteering motives. In short, it is clear to see for all that he has ulterior motives for the development of a COVID-19 vaccine, and they are not of the benevolent kind.

The WHO (World Health Organization)

  • With the Trump administration currently putting its funding to the WHO on freeze due to its political and other questionable practices, its current largest funder/contributor ahead of any country is that of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. This is an important dot connected here folks, as the WHO is currently regarded as the leading global health authority with regards to COVID-19 (and possibly for future pandemics and outbreaks); the mere fact that Gates is their primary funder indicates that he would undoubtedly hold tremendous power over their policies and guidelines. So, needless to say we can easily see the amount of power and clout the billionaire's foundation has over this global health organization that is at the epicenter of the COVID-19 Pandemic response. And as has been clearly outlined in this exposé (and elsewhere), the outfit has demonstrated an abundance of misjudgment with regards to both its recommendations and actions - many of which have proven politically motivated so as to not offend China, despite its numerous cover-ups and misdeeds with regards to the virus itself and its overall response to the pandemic. Bearing all these considerations in mind, the WHO's credibility and authority going forward should not only be questioned, but also more severely challenged.

The CDC (Center for Disease Control)

  • With respect to this investigation, two factors emerged as critical in relation to the current crisis. The first is related to the trustworthiness citizens should grand the health authority, particularly with regards to its vaccine recommendations. The second, has to do with the blatantly obvious conflicts of interests enshrined in the CDC's relationship with Big Pharma and the CDC's own vaccine patents through which they profit heavily from (to the tune of roughly $4.6 billion per year).

  • In short, the CDC has left us with a clear impression as to what its motives would be with regards to an upcoming COVID-19 vaccine, related testing and measures; namely, hefty profits from its Big Pharma cronies.


  • The offenses committed by Big Pharma would prove even too difficult to summarize. But, for the sake of brevity, I will simply state that the bad actors involved here are primarily driven by greed and will use their vast power to lobby governments and deceive and strong-arm health institutions, medical academia, and health practitioners to push their harmful drugs upon the masses. The historical record overflows with such evidence.

The Gavi Alliance

  • The focus of this part of the exposé was to exhibit the nature of Gavi's relationship with Big Pharma as well ass the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (major dots connected) and how the latter has been the driving force behind its aggressive vaccination programs around the world, particularly in third-world countries with very vulnerable and unwilling participants.

  • In addition, it has also been demonstrated through this work that Gavi uses its clout and lobbying power to strong-arm governments - even so-called first-world ones such as Britain and Canada - to impose aggressive vaccination programs. All of this, of course, to enrich themselves and their Big Pharma buddies while they position themselves for future mass testing and mass vaccinations by all-too-willing sold-out (and soul-less) governments.

The Rockefellers and the Rockefeller Foundation

This part of the exposé was the longest for a reason.

It exhibited the monumental efforts as well as the pervasive and devastating effects the Rockefeller Plan has had on Western medicine; particularly, with regards to how it has corrupted and poisoned health care systems, academia, and practitioners in a model that primarily promotes the use of pharmaceutical drugs which greatly benefit their Big Pharma interests and investments.

In other words, the mechanisms through which health care is administered in Western nations are the ones that have the most significant influence on the afflicted and are believed to be the best, leaving little room for homeopathic and natural cures (which they have ostracized as quackery).

With such a dominant medical establishment in place, it proves quite easy for them to push certain medical agendas such as mass vaccination programs, but to name a single instance.

  • When programs such as mass vaccination campaigns are propagated and implemented into their system through countless agencies such as the CDC (click the link to read related details), medical centers and other health care facilities, it has been clearly outlined in this and other works that their intentions have been largely driven by profiteering and other nefariously-driven agendas such as population control/reduction. Such instances have been widely documented.

  • More specifically related to the current COVID-19 Pandemic, we can see that the Rockefeller Foundation has been [and seemingly continues to be] heavily involved in policy response even though they have done so in a more more stealthily and hidden manner - in stark contrast to the Bill Gates' endeavors which have been nauseatingly overt and in-your-face. Usually, the ones who operate in the dark behind the scenes are the ones we should most be worried about.

  • Finally, the Rockefeller Foundation's National Covid-19 Testing Action Plan as meticulously dissected and revealed clearly shows the extent to which they are using their numerous tentacles in the Western medical apparatus to push forward very aggressive testing, vaccination, tracking, and centralization of private health records. In other words, they are going for it ALL - total and absolute control over our medical lives, sovereignty, and ability to participate in society.

We cannot afford to let them succeed in this endeavor.


In part 7 of this exposé, I showed how a project named ID2020 is currently in the works to basically mark and track every single citizen on this planet with an irreversible mark of tyranny.

  • Exactly which biometric marking-tracking system(s) will be used remains to be seen. There are several in the works with three of the top contenders being COVI-PASS, iRespond, and ID2020 itself.

  • Britain will be a country to keep an eye on for this beast system, as all of the bad actors have gone all-in on the country that is host and snakehead to the International Banking Cabal, namely in the City of London.

I mentioned the banking cabal because we cannot exclude them from this whole equation for total enslavement and control over our lives.

They have already usurped the power of the issuance of currency in almost every single country on earth. They also exert a tremendous amount of power and stranglehold over governments and their policy-making.

As the current global fiat monetary system is approaching its end, there is, without a doubt, a new system that is in the works and almost ready-to-go.

And it will be one that will also digital and centralized, in nature. In other words, everything will be in the same system - all your banking information, health status, travel movements, you name it.

Therefore, I think that the reader should not exclude this recent point from above when assessing the current COVID-19 Pandemic response agenda.

Call to Action

That's about it with regards to the longest exposé I have ever written.

But, one final thought, if I may. I currently believe that there is strong enough awakening to significantly impede this nefarious agenda. The good news with this crisis, as that there is a large chunk of the global population that has had time to ponder the measures and responses of their respective governments; and I presume that they have started questioning whether they really have their best interests at heart. Accordingly, I don't think their plan will succeed in the near term. But what remains extremely dangerous is the level of additional power and change they have increasingly acquired on the back of this Plandemic.

I sincerely hope it can make a difference to counter this nefarious agenda which is targeting us all.

I thank the reader once more for your kind effort in making it all the way here.

Truth, information, and wisdom is worthless unless it is followed by ACTION.

Therefore, my call is for you to do one or more of the following:

  • Spread the word. Share the link to this exposé:

EXPOSÉ: BillGates-COVID-19-ID2020-WHO-CDC-BigPharma-Gavi-Rockefeller: Connecting the Dots, URL:

  • Share the single document PDF of this exposé (link will be added shortly) with your family members, friends, colleagues, and others.

  • Keep an eye on the policies that are being formulated with your local and national legislatures and health agencies. Do they have mandatory testing, tracking, vaccinations, and centralization of health records bills (proposed laws), rules, or guidelines in the works? Are your political representatives working in your best interest, or for those of the nefarious parties listed in this work? You can even use a pre-written template letter to fax to your legislator like the one from Liberty Counsel Action. Other template letters exist on the internet, or you can write your own personalized letter. Alternatively, you can telephone them, email them, tweet them, send a message on their Facebook pages, etc.

  • Keep pushing back against Big Tech tyranny, censorship, and all their nonsense. Keep posting and tweeting your disagreement and call them out; upload videos you wish to upload; demand that they scale back on their absurd policies and guidelines.

  • Hold your doctor and local health care practitioners to the best standards of care. Ask them if they have any ties or linkages with pharmaceutical companies. Ask them if they are aware about how Big Pharma ghost writes articles in medical journals so that they can give false impressions regarding the safety of their drugs and vaccines.

  • Contact your airline and tell them you will not stand for ridiculous 'Immunity Passports' or any other kind of proof of COVID-19 (or other) vaccinations.

  • Do the same with your employer and the schools to which you send your children

  • MOST OF ALL, don't ever feel obligated to submit to forced vaccinations or testing, as you are completely sovereign and there is no law on earth that supersedes your inalienable natural birthright to be the sole decider of your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. You and only you are in the position to accept what goes into your body and those of your children.

Note that the entire exposé can be viewed or downloaded from a single PDF File at Feel free to link/reference to it as you wish.

May God Bless you All!

Ain Soph Aur

In Peace & Liberty,


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