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The war ends if everyone refuses to fight.

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Why I don't like being a part of a team? Because this is not a sport. Although perceived as some sort of competition, it definitely shouldn't be one. I observe, hear and learn; then I'm ready to change my mind taking into consideration the problems that need to be addressed and solved in this particular point of time, as well as the people that are willing to step forward and do something about it. I agree with you but I'm not sure that will continue to be the case in the years to come. I can't join your team.

See, the more people do join your team the less you really care about those people. I mean everything is set, right? All of them will keep voting for you on autopilot. Most people who are affiliated with some sort of political organization will never ever dare to change their minds or doubt what they are told; they are blocking this process before it starts to take place. It is against the rules for them. How could their masters be wrong after all, right? I mean they look so professional in those suits, throwing all those fancy words at once.

It's all about career goals to them though. This is exactly how low the whole political scene has stooped nowadays. And you know whose fault this is? That's right, teams do that. That's why I can't join your team. Most people getting actively involved with politics nowadays think and act like they are running some sort of night club. They are just looking to get the most tables booked. Numbers is all they care about. That's why they are called political parties in the first place. Or at least that would sound like a credible explanation. Don't be a part of their team. Don't be a number in the book.

Governments are not corporations, even though they are run by corporations. Wanna know why? Cause there are too many team members out there willing to give up their critical thinking. I'm not anti politics, I am anti political parties. I don't want those suckers to rest assured that I will vote for them no matter what. I might do so, but only if I decide that this would be the best option for the time being, taking into consideration everything going on and everyone involved. You sound right and I share your views so I will vote for you, however this does not mean I won't stop supporting you if you go out of control or if you start being irrational and arrogant.

I won't join your team because I want to keep you in check. You can't label me, you don't know how and what I think. This does not mean I will not support you though; it just means you can't buy my eternal support. You can't make a deal with my conscience. Today you're good, tomorrow I might have to toss you in the trash can though. Watch yourselves as we are waking up. We're smart, we're too many and we won't join your team.

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Lots of people say something similar to your first sentence here ("the war ends if everyone refuses to fight"), but is it really realistic to think that everyone ever will (stop)? Especially when the loot increases the less people there are participating in the game. I mean, the less people there are participating, the more your vote counts. Minorities (like the conservatives in the US) will simply be too trigger-happy to let that opportunity pass. They're already ruling the country precisely because people of the other party, who are more numerous, don't vote. So, in a sense, you could say that what you're describing has already happened, and we're seeing the results.

Furthermore, the statement seems to imply that everyone wants the war to be over. I don't think that's true! Especially with people whose entire belief system revolves around 2 deities fighting each other forevermore and all that that implies.

Plus, Bernie Sanders was the true grassroots candidate. Did you see the video of his announcement for candidacy? Can't be more low-key than that. No one would ever normally have paid attention to him. The phenomenon he caused had nothing to do with parties. His beliefs just resonated with people. And the same could be said of Trump. They used the parties as vehicles for their candidacy, but they do not belong to them.


I don't know how or why but I must have missed your comment, my apologies for that!

but is it really realistic to think that everyone ever will (stop)?

You definitely have a good point here, I'm just trying to be the change I wish to see in the world.

Furthermore, the statement seems to imply that everyone wants the war to be over. I don't think that's true! Especially with people whose entire belief system revolves around 2 deities fighting each other forevermore and all that that implies.

Another good point. My take on the issue is that those people are just misguided. It is our duty to educate them and make them not want to fight, unfortunately ''killing'' each other seems to be a lot easier nowadays though.

Plus, Bernie Sanders was the true grassroots candidate.

He let me down when he started supporting Artillary Shitton though. Trump let me down as well. He talks the talk but doesn't walk the walk.

Thanks for passing by and leaving such a lengthy and thoughtful response!

Have a great day!

I'm right there with you. I believe the two party system in the US, is basically set up to divide and conquer. I have always concidered myself as an independent and have never joined a political party. Until money is taken out of politics, nothing is going to change, and the government will continue to be bought and paid for by their corporate sponsors..


Thanks for taking the time to read and leave a thoughtful response. It's only up to every single one of us to change the situation. The main problem from my humble point of view is that the average Joe doesn't care about all this.

the best part is that even though these parties are suppose to be fighting for the democracy, when a member of their party don't vote let's say a legislative plan then they cast him aside and kick him out from the party. Where's democracy in this?

in other words it's as you say they want blind votes and members that without free will!


They're only fighting for their greedy asses. :)
People who have a vision don't even bother to get involved nowadays.
Thanks for dropping by and reading man!

Numbers is all they care about.

Sad but true.
Good read, keep it up!

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