Just a few thoughts for my fellow infowarriors about the situation about my country: Just ignore those who are VENEZUELASPLAINING

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First of all, let me talk about the meaing of the term: venezuelasplaining

  1. When an Ignorant Liberal American that has never been in Venezuela or lived in a Socialist Regimen tries to explain to Venezuelans what is going on in their country and why Socialism is good and why it did not work this time.
  2. American Liberal in Facebook: U.S trying to accomplish a coup d'état in Venezuela, when I’m fact Maduro is the legitimate president and Socialims is good for the poor people of Venezuela and CentralAmerica

I have been reading @shepz1 post "A world of chaos = we all get cash from chaos = if? Venezuela - SPEAK UP PLEASE.", but mostly the comments about it. I am aware that there's a large number of fellow steemians around the world that are strongly against how this situation in Venezuela scalated, mostly because US has been leading the actions against the Venezuelan government outside the country. I respect that. Really. But disregarding any opinions from venezuelans in support of what's happening just because, will receive a strong reactions from us, of course.

That's why I have been quite absent these days to even answer to any opinion in that regard. But I will try to answer some of the comments that were posted in the article mentioned above:

My pal @palikari123:

"They are basically bullshit artists and spammers/scammers supported by groups that want to take over Venezuela (empire loyalists). Maduro is completely irrelevant in this entire debacle - the only relevant issue is, who and how will Venezuela be taken over.

I wrote two posts on this ring of sock puppets and named some of the accounts that I discovered on my own, as did @v4vapid from his own investigations."

First of all, sorry about getting flagged by some people that are not willing to hear any opinion contrary to theirs. People can disagree, but that's not an excuse for a downvote.

Second, to say that "Maduro is completely irrelevant in this entire debacle" is pretty misleading. Chavez/Maduro has been the reason for Venezuela's debacle for the last 20 years. Political Prisoners, Death squads, children and teenagers thrown in jail and placed on torture, massacres of miners in the south of the country done by High ranked officials who take our gold. 350 BILLION dollars lost by corruption... and more. So to say that Maduro is completely irrelevant is just irresponsible of your part.

Third, there's not any right wing party of relevance in Venezuela. NONE. Mostly left or center-left. By saying that, I tell you most of the people who supports Juan Guaidó want to avoid at any cost that this escalates to a military confrontation. We have seen what has happened in some US invasions around the world. And still WE (and I include myself in the list) are willing to face that if it happens. Because sovereignty has been lost already pal, many years ago. Not one week ago.

My pal @bifilarcoil wrote:

"I'm convinced that Chavez was better educated then Maduro when it comes to the upper levels of society. Yet Maduro seems to have good knowledge himself. He is still standing againts the might of big oil.

The horrible part is that the people suffer. Mainly because they hose a side, and because they don't have the time to look up, and discover WHO THE CHESSPLAYERS ARE. I understand their need to first get food on the table. They simply don't have the time. Best would be if they did not choose any side.

Once you pick a side then you become a soldier for the left or for the right. And you let them put you on the battlefield.

Best to choose for YOURSELF and steer clear from the battlefield. Look at both sides, look up at 'the hand' of the players, then indentify those players.
NOW YOU KNOW THE REAL ENEMY OF VENEZUELA. And it is NOT Maduro. Maduro is a pawn."

Hugo Chavez had better education and some discipline as he was in the military. But he was a blatant liar from the beginning. He presented himself as center left, calling Fidel Castro a Dictator and then embracing socialism as far as the Constitution let him. He supported his government because of High Oil prices, because of wars (Yes, US wars) and other geopolitical phenomena (Iran Sanctions) not related to Venezuela per sé. He chose the other side of the chess table.

And by the way, Russia is #1 top producer. Rosneft and Gazprom are Big Oil, man. Not only Shell and ExxonMobil.

Venezuela's oil industry was nationalized in 1976. PDVSA grew as a mayor player in the Oil industry worldwide until 2000. You can read it in a post I wrote in March last year. Even with prices as low as $8 a barrell, our economic situation was zillion times better than 2012, when Chavez was still alive. In 2012 CNPC, Gazprom and Rosneft were already here making deals with the government, and getting in massive debt with China.

I agree that Maduro and Guaidó are pawns. But one has military power and the other has foreign support. One has hurt the morale and way of life of venezuelans for 20 years, supported by cuban intelligence and Russian equipment and the other wants to change that, supported from a nation that wants to be in control of the hemisphere. Again, SOVEREIGNTY IS ALREADY LOST. Picking sides is inevitable.


"Maduro like Erdogan in Turkey seems to think he is a dictator.
Would the world be as interested though, if they were not sitting on a massive supply of oil?......

Maduro owes Russia billions of $ also, and pays with oil, so I know why the Russians are keen to see him stay in power, or they default on repayments, and Russia becomes even more in debt. I shall check the video out now. Cheers."

Juan Guaidó yesterday on CNN:

*"Russia and China have interests. If some are interested in Venezuela's recovery, it is mainly investors. Those countries also want change in Venezuela."

I can reply other comments but meh... I just want to now share what I believe:

It's difficult for you guys out there to understand us because you don't live in a country that has lost its sovereignty for quite long.

To be a patriot is not only talk proudly about your country and against others. Is about having an identity as venezuelans.

We lost that identity and surrendered it to cubans way of life. I wrote about it in February last year's "How did socialism turn Venezuela into an immigrant factory? Part I: Brain Drain (1998-2014)":

There Giordani (Minister of Planning of Hugo Chávez) interrupted me and said: "Look, General, you still have not understood the revolution. I´ll explain: This revolution aims to make a cultural change in the country, to change people's way of thinking and living, and those changes can only be made from power. So, the first thing is to stay in power to make changes. The political floor is given to us by poor people: they are the ones who vote for us, that is why the discourse of the defense of the poor. So, THE POOR MUST CONTINUE BEING POOR, WE NEED THEM SO, until we can make the cultural transformation. Then we can talk about economy of generation and distribution of wealth. In the meantime, you must keep them poor and hopeful."

There I interrupted him and asked: "Since you say 'then', tell me how long you think it will take to make that change."
The answer was immediate: "Look, it's a cultural change and that takes at least three generations: adults resist and cling to the past; young people live it and get used to it, and children learn it and make it their own. It takes at least 30 years…
…The political-economic strategy to stay in power is easy to explain. First, the government declares itself an advocate of the poor with two interests: To be the champion and semi-God of the poor and to defeat the adversary. In this sense, the revolution divides the country into two clubs: its friends, the poor; your enemies "Squalid, majunches, oligarchs, traitors, pitiyankees" or as it suits to call them per the circumstance.”

They succeded for 20 of those 30 years. We were a wealthy nation with problems, but neutral and independent. Now we're forced to pick a side.

So please fellas, stop venezuelasplaning.

Root for a change in peace. We also are looking for that also. Give us a helping hand as much of you guys are doing already, and we're grateful for you doing it. I respect your opinions, but also try to understand our resolution.

We're not a group of spam, bots or empire loyalists. We have been looking for change since a long time ago.

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Sorry if it looked Venezuelasplaining,
If I was splaning anything then it was globalistsplaning.
Maybe I should have been more clear about the globalist side of the story and about the fact that i'm living 'comfortably' in europe. (Some of you know how 'comfortable' that really is for me right now) But it is nothing compared to Venezuela.


After reading your Bingo shit post I must retract my apology.

So 'pal' you spend 165 steem on food while your fellow Venezuelans are starving to death and even have the guts to brag about it on steemit.?
And your wife is showing all the gold in the sunshine like nothing is wrong with life in Venezuela?

People of Venezuela, this kind of people want a self-declared 'President' CIA puppet ruling the country! Have a good look.

I'm not looking for a fight. I just need to set things straight. And I hope to never see you on my path ever again. We are done.


On @palikari123's topic i'd like to add an opinion.
As I see it the deathsquad, torture etc. Was all caused by foreign intervention. The net is full with articles and documentaries how these things are forced into existence with the help of 'agents' all troughout history. Cuba, Nicaragua, Colombia to just name a few.

And as i explained with the chessplayers, the people only see the pawns move (the leaders and their subjects) But most people don't see the chess players. And how they use external means to manipulate the pawns.

It must be very difficult to live in this crisis and then read our articles. For me it is very difficult to get all the angles, also because i can't read spanish. But I do care a lot about the people in Venezuela. So eventhough if I'm not always correct, it then is at least an option to have casted my voice and raised some attention for the situation where the mainstream media fails to do so. We can only work with the little we know. And we heavily depend on facts that seap out of Venezuela. The better the facts that we can find the better the chance that we write less inaccurate things.

We try our best to help with the little power we have.

I truly hope that everyone in Venezuela has the strength to carry on, even the ones who disagree with me. Just stick together and help everyone to get trough this instead of fighting each other. Divide and conquer is the game of the globalists, to unite is your biggest defense.
And that is not easy at all. Communicate with the ones you disagree. And find solutions together.~~

BTW American Liberals...

I couldn't find the words when i started my comment. I'm not a Liberal the liberals in my country are fucking assholes (i should not say that but as i still have some freedom of speech, there you have it) So i'm not sure why you have that opinion. I hate politics, specially all the lies that come out of politics. And the Liberals in my country are the biggest liers and thieves of public money around.

Maybe if the law would end all corruption that I could live with Liberals?
Meh... forget that.

I'm not American either, never even travelled that far.

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You have made so many absurd and ridiculous assumptions and non-factual statements in your hit piece here, that it's pretty sad really.