(THIS IS SERIOUS) Current status of Blackout in Venezuela (8:30 VET):

3년 전

51 Hours w/o power.

Only some public places with portable power plants running for certain periods of time because of a surge of 6000% in diesel prices due to speculation and scarcity. Only one out of three mobile operators working well.

Multiple reports of food businesses giving away food (Meats, cold meats) because of lack of refrigeration.

15$ a single bag of ice to preserve food.

People protesting closing down streets.

And the reality of this:

There is no timeframe set to solve this issue.

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I have little doubt that the power outage was caused by a stuxnet type of attack on Venezuela by the United States. If the geopolitical struggle between the US and Venezuela was a game of poker the US has gone ’all in’. They will do anything to bring down Maduro. What better way to get the people angry than to cut their power supply. It's all Maduros fault of course. I hope the Venezuelan people prevail and the United States doesn't turn your country into the next Libya.

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Upvoting and resteeming my friend. Stay safe.


Thanks man. Been blessed to live in a condo with powerplant. Having energy every alternating two hours.

But the climate of the neighborhoods around are somber.

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