Friday Night ANTIFA SMACKDOWN/ Watch before its banned!

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If you are like me and are about to lose your mind from the Economic fallout of Covid-19, The fake Soros Riots, and having your home become a Techno Concentration Camp, and this insane 2020 Election, and I forgot Covid-19!!! Its all too much, it takes being stressed the F#CK Out to new levels!!!

So I give you in good conscience 4 episodes of Soros/Antifa Trolls getting their asses handed to them by Patriots!!!

Fuck You All, I was content with 40 hours a week putting food on the table MotherFuckers, Soros and his associates seen fit to cause widespread chaos, hardship, and death!!! So thanks Antifa for making it real easy for the American people to pick a side in a fight that is Real Life And Death Shit!!!

Friday Night ANTIFA SMACKDOWN Episode 4

Friday Night ANTIFA SMACKDOWN Episode 1

Friday Night ANTIFA SMACKDOWN Episode 2

Friday Night ANTIFA SMACKDOWN Episode 3



NGO News, the creators of the Frida Night Antifa Smackdown!!! Watch these videos while they still exist!

This is a Patriot Uprising Production
By: Nate Powers
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Let the Block Chain Document that"Nate Power" is an American, Veteran, Union Member, Patriot, I stood against Tyranny, was never a coward, ran head first into most fights, Let my ancestors from the future know I took a stand and I have a decade of social media proving that fact, I've been railing hard against Communists especially China since the 80's, This moment 9/29/20 let every Patriot unite under a common bond that unites us all, the American blood which runs in our veins!!!

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