Patriot Uprising!



I have 100% given up on any sense of the American Dream, at this point the Plandemic of 2020 followed by Soros controlled fake leftist riots have destroyed the last bit of momentum I have had career wise, 2008 took a good 7-10 years to climb out of. At 47 it is game over. I even stopped blogging regularly just trying to stay over the top competitive this last year and hold on for dear life. What is the point of survival if you are no better than spending a lifetime under Orwellian house arrest where all you do is work, go home, repeat. The economy doesn't even run straight enough to even leave town and enjoy life once a year.


It's that time. Patriot Uprising! Will you struggle till death as a slave on a 21st Century Techno Plantation? Our forefathers historically died and spilt blood for the American dream. From the American Revolution to the American Coal miners shot in the street by Pinkerton Security for standing up to better working conditions, there are 100's if not thousands upon thousands of examples of Americans literally sacrificing their very lives to take a stand against Tyranny from 1776 to present. Take a stand now my friends and honor those who have given everything for Liberty and Freedom.

I am a Patriot, a US Army Veteran, An American. I will not die like an abused neglected dog! Let the 2020 Plandemic be the cement that unites us all.

Eddie Bravo - Practicing Killing

This is a Patriot Uprising Production
By: Nate Powers
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Thank You all for the upvotes, I appreciate everyone. Let Social Networking be the Revolution that plants seeds of Freedom in the minds of the oppressed