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All those who have their doubts and pacifist positions, including President Ivan Duque of Colombia, will soon realize that the Venezuelan case is a lost case, because there is no other conclusion to reach. The diplomatic and negotiation path was completely exhausted.

To liberate Venezuela from this dictatorship, the only alternative is the measures of force, a conclusion to which the people of Venezuela, who mostly understand it, have already arrived.

Much of the world is also aligned with the position of the Venezuelan people, including the US, Canada and much of Latin America, they know they have to act and do it fast, or thousands will die of hunger and needs.

Massive migrations will continue and increase dramatically, it is something that has already come out of all control and tolerable proportion. The question now is when and how? We'll see.

There is no other alternative. And the situation will worsen substantially for each day that passes, we go to an uncertain destination which can lead us to a civil war.

It is better to cut back and restore stability to the region.

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