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Hey nationalist !

What a pleasure to not have to read text beyond the title :/ .


Nope, it's really great to see that resistance against the white genocide is progressing to the island !

again the sad news, is that it's really useless to approach those wanting to white genocide europe and the us with arguments. they are technically replacing the population. it's a defined as a war crime, and I agree, otherwise, I wouldn't :D. And who cares, it's only my opinion that counts :D.

so they want to flood ireland with masses of the excess population of others places, destroy the homogeneity of the island and ruin the social service funds?

ahahahhaha... it's the same everywhere in the west :D.

they have I guess too their censorship program? I guess it's racists, terrorist, what ever to say that the cost of welcome the excess population of the world is unsustainable (that's why they export them btw) and the social dislocation and of culture and minority status of the natives is bad?


the cartel way !

it's simple... (theorization of how to fight the white genocide, I don't intend to to do it, nor recommend any non state level force (ie only when the dod does it it's okay , or pla to give an idea of the scale necessary)... so I am not responsible of the actions of stupid people who read stupid things or even not and pretend... but still here is the way..

find 100 judges who support white genocide, kill them.

that send a shock wave in the system...

then politicians and cops will rally around the fallen judge and their new replacement...

kill 1000 cops family while they are buzy protecting the judges...

now they are defeated.

what can they do?

now comes the time to farm the politicians who support white genocide...

for example, I think that supporting the kurds against the turkish, sunnis and shia genocide attempt is a good idea... look at how it's done? not by going to the sunnis, iranians (shias) or turks, saying... blah blah blah... no fuckign no...

just drop a few US SF a few FLAG and now it's done. Cost? thousands of the other side killed... because if it costed 10k lives for the kurds (+30k seriously wounded) I can't imagine the size of the body pile on the other side...

or resaid : don't fuck with us or we kill you !

I know it's sound childish, but it's not the same when those are armed men saying it, with piles of corpses behind them proving their points.

Btw I am sure the childrapists of the crown play nasty game in ireland... I am for reunification...

fuck the king, fuck the queen (she support her child rapists son of prince andrew) fuck the fake christians on both side who fight each other for the pleasure of the queen, and fuck all the child rapists pakis that the uk gov protect !

Any good luck ! long live ireland !

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