Simple News Aggregation: Many Topics: Tuesday, March 12th, 2019 - "Blame White People, Science Says" - Greenpeace caught in a lie - End of California's "Permanent Drought" - School Choice For All - Dehumanizing Trump - Facebook censors Zerohedge

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This is an aggregation of various articles and stories I found to be interesting when reading through many different news sites that I tend to look at daily.

Leftist logic: Russia shouldn’t interfere in our elections, but let’s let all illegal immigrants vote

(Natural News) In one fell swoop, the “Demoncrat” Democrats went from declaring their two-years-in-the-making Trump-Russia collusion conspiracy, which was a dogmatic stance against foreign interference in elections, to voting to allow all illegal immigrants (non-citizens) to freely vote in our U.S. elections. Unbelievable. Well, not really. Not considering that the Democrats live by their own insane rules that only apply when they say they apply. Still, this gets much, much better, so keep reading

UK Supermarket to Stop Selling Knives Amid Stabbing Epidemic

Supermarket chain Asda has announced that it will stop selling single kitchen knives by the end of April as the UK finds itself in the midst of a knife-crime epidemic, particularly involving young people.

It’s already illegal to sell the blades to under-18s but the deadly weapons are one of the most frequently shoplifted items from British stores.

The announcement comes in the aftermath of several high-profile stabbings. Last weekend two 17-year-olds were killed in separate attacks in London and Greater Manchester.

Figures published by the Office of National Statistics last month revealed that – with a total of 285 fatal stabbings – 2018 was the worst year for knife crime since records began in 1946.

German climate adviser: ‘Domestic flights within Germany should be banned’ to stop ‘climate change’

The German climate adviser who called for the “creation of a CO2 budget for every person on planet” is now demanding an end to all domestic flights in Germany to fight “climate change.”

Prominent German scientist and activist, Hans Joachim Schellnhuber is calling for “radical measures” to lower emissions from tourism in Germany. Echoing calls for the U.S. Green New Deal proposal, Schellnhuber declared that “domestic flights within Germany should be banned” and substituted with a continental high-speed train network.

‘Blame White People, Science Says’ – Study: White people to blame for pollution – But blacks and Hispanics suffer the most

Blame White People, Science Says: White people are primarily the cause of the disproportionate amount of pollution inhaled by Black and Hispanic communities across the United States, new research shows.

Trump calls climate change crisis ‘fake science’, Greenpeace goes berserk, gets caught in a lie


Too many those are fighting words, and Greenpeace has already fired back obviously very upset. But at the same time they are illustrating just how much of a bunch of liars they are:

The problem is, we’ve already caught them out on this lie, because the Internet never forgets:

Maine Becomes The Most Recent Blue State To Reject A Carbon Tax

AUGUSTA, Maine — The beginning of March brings bad news for carbon tax supporters, who have been successful in getting legislation to impose the regressive tax introduced at the federal and state levels, but not in getting it enacted, not even in left-leaning, Democratic-run states that should be most inclined to welcome this policy.

A February 28 Maine House Committee on Energy Utilities and Technology hearing on legislation that would impose the nation’s first statewide carbon tax ended with Representative Deane Rykerson (D-Kittery), the legislator sponsoring the bill, announcing that he will pull his proposal and will instead push for a “Carbon Pricing Study Group” that will explore the topic and issue recommendations at a later date. The committee subsequently voted on March 7 against reporting Rykerson’s carbon tax bill out of committee.

Good News on Climate Change! We’re Safe. We’re Adaptable. Six points for Discussion.

Friends of Science writes: Is there a climate crisis? Is there a 97% ‘consensus’ on this? We look at the science and offer six points for your consideration and discussion:

1- Climate cycles between warm and cold

2- Warming benefits northern countries

3- CO2 enhances plant growth and crops

4- Sea levels change due to many factors

5- Warm climatic periods have more stable weather

6- Warming has economic benefits; “Climate Action” would cost more than doing nothing

California’s ‘permanent drought’ is now washed away by reality

A few years ago, some genius politicians, spurred on by some equally genius “climate scientists” told the citizens of California that we were now in a “permanent drought” situation. Of course, the NYT bought this drivel, and made it a headline.

We here at WUWT called bullshit on it, and now we can say “told you so” with impudence. A mere 1% of the entire state of California is now in a drought situation, according the the U.S. Drought Monitor website.

School Choice for All?

Last month, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos introduced Education Freedom Scholarships (EFS), a bold federal proposal to expand school choice. At first glance, its chance of becoming law may seem slim. Any federal school-choice initiative has at least two obstacles: conservatives are wary of “federal” and progressives hate “school choice.” But EFS potentially has appeal for both sides.

Rather than establishing a new national program, EFS would provide a dollar-for-dollar federal tax credit for individual and corporate donations to state-based nonprofits that give scholarships. EFS could double donations almost overnight in a state like Florida, which already runs a tuition tax-credit program that defrays the cost of private education for about 100,000 students and has helped boost college enrollment. And EFS would not burden states like California that neither have nor apparently want a tuition tax-credit program.

Most federal programs offer states taxpayer money to operate programs created in Washington. EFS would subsidize private donations to locally designed programs. By encouraging states to sponsor nonprofit scholarship-granting organizations, EFS would encourage what R Street’s Andy Smarick calls “real decentralization.” In states where legislators may be on the fence about school choice, EFS offers an incentive to experiment, without imposing federal mandates. One state may want to provide scholarships to low-income students in failing schools; another, to support religious education; and another, to assist a nonprofit that gives scholarships to apprenticeship programs. EFS could accommodate these different efforts.

Pelosi Admits Democrats Have Nothing Impeachable On Trump

OK, so we know House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has not really supported impeachment like some of her Democrat colleagues have. So, this is not really anything new for people paying attention, but the fact that she claims that Democrats don't have anything "compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan" to impeach President Donald Trump on is quite telling

Of course, Pelosi is attempting to stave off some of the more unhinged Democrats such as Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Maxine Waters (D-CA).

Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar on Trump & Obama: "One Is Human, The Other Is Not"

While there are plenty of emails I get in my inbox stating that people are happy to see someone finally calling out the Israeli lobbyists, and I don't mind that, I have a greater concern about Rep. Ilhan Omar's (D-MN) agenda, underlying ideology and criminal history in why she is engaging in what she is. She is clearly anti-American and basically states that she is not here to assimilate but rather we are to accommodate her and Somalis like her. Still, in a recent comment, Omar claimed the usurper, Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah, is somehow "human," while President Donald Trump is not.

Facebook Just Banned Zero Hedge - Announces It Will Ban "Misinformation" About Vaccines

Editor's Note: This is exactly why you make your move and let your voice be heard by abandoning Facebook. USA.Life is the new premier social media site that protects your privacy and doesn't censor your voice. Click here to join today, and be sure to follow me there.

If this sort of extreme censorship continues, pretty soon anybody that has anything even remotely important or interesting to say will be completely banned by Facebook. As you will see below, Facebook has just banned Zero Hedge, and they have also just announced that they will be systematically censoring any content that has “misinformation” about vaccines. Of course this is just the latest chapter in a relentless campaign by the social media giants to censor alternative sources of information. Since Donald Trump’s victory in November 2016, the social media crackdown has just gotten worse and worse, and it has gotten to the point where we can now safely say that free speech is dead on the major social media platforms.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: People Should Be "Excited" To Be "Automated Out Of Work"

Somewhere out there is a bot that can replace Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. It needn't be very bright. It doesn't have to be any smarter than the bots that post, "How you can make a trillion dollars working from home" in the comments.

And that would still make it too intelligence. But once we replace Cortez with a bot, we'll see how excited she is.

California: Majority of Millennials Consider Leaving State

It truly is an interesting time. While Marxist millennials like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are pushing for the ultimate in a Socialist Utopia, many millennials in California are seeking to abandon such a "utopia."

In a report from contributor Bethany Blankley, published at the Washington Free Beacon, she reports on the fact that half of Californians plan to leave the state. Among those wanting to leave, a whopping 63% are millennials.

Bipartisan Attacks on the Second Amendment

The House of Representatives recently passed legislation that would expand the national background check system to require almost everyone selling firearms, including private collectors who supplement their incomes by selling firearms at gun shows, to perform background checks on the potential buyers. The bill has a section purporting to bar creation of a national firearms registry. However, the expanded background check system will require the government to compile lists of those buying and selling guns. In other words, it creates a de facto national gun registry.

50 Actual College Course Titles Proving America’s Universities Are Training Students To Be Socialists

What in the world are they teaching to our young people? As you go through the list of college course titles below, I am sure that many of you will be completely shocked. Most parents assume that they are sending their children to college to get prepared for their future careers, but the truth is that a lot of our major colleges and universities have become little more than indoctrination centers for progressive thought. Our college students are literally being systematically trained to be socialists, and it is working. According to a brand new Harris Poll that was just released, 37.2 percent of all Americans “prefer living in a socialist country”. But for Millennials and Generation Z combined, that figure is 49.6 percent. That means that essentially half of our young adults want to be socialists, and that has enormous implications for the future of our society.

John Barbour Uploads the Latest Trove of DA Jim Garrison’s JFK Assassination Files

The files of the late New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison provide fascinating and important insights into the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Garrison (1921-1992) investigated the 1963 murder of the president, which had been blamed on a supposed lone assassin – Lee Harvey Oswald – who himself was assassinated by Dallas nightclub owner Jack Ruby two days after Oswald allegedly killed Kennedy.

Because there was a complicated New Orleans connection to Kennedy’s killing, Garrison undertook a several year long inquiry into the matter, culminating in the indictment, in 1967, of New Orleans businessman Clay Shaw. After a trial by jury in early 1969, Shaw was acquitted and Garrison’s reputation largely fell into disrepute.

Greenpeace founder echoes Health Ranger warning: AOC’s Green New Deal is deadly, “Half the population will die”

(Natural News) Patrick Moore is the co-founder of Greenpeace, one of the best-known environmental groups in the world. Over the last week, Moore has lashed out against the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez “Green New Deal,” explaining it would be the “end of civilization” and warning that “half the population will die.”

Why the vaccine industry REFUSES to conduct clinical trials using a genuine placebo control group

(Natural News) The next time someone tries to tell you that the science is “settled” on vaccine safety and effectiveness, you might want to bring up the fact that the alleged “science” upon which the vaccination house of cards was, and is still being, built is fundamentally flawed at its very core.

Truth be told, there isn’t a single vaccine study out there – at least not one that the establishment has ever conducted or referenced in support of government vaccination programs – that’s ever compared a CDC-approved vaccine to an actual inert placebo.

Red Alert: Democrats are trying to undo the American Revolution – ‘Big Tech’ going all-in to steal 2020 election for Globalists as the left’s dark agenda comes in to clear focus

(Natural News) Back on February 1st, Breitbart put out this story focusing on censorship within which talk radio show host Dennis Prager warned we had entered a ‘dark age‘ because of the “left’s control of Silicon Valley, academia and the media.” (Article by Stefan Stanford republished from

Does cosmic rain explain climate change? Cosmic rays “rain down” through the atmosphere, influencing the weather

(Natural News) Our planet has experienced varying degrees of warmth and cold climates, including the extremes. The exact answers as to why Earth undergoes these changes has yet to be discovered, but some researchers from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) may have found one of the reasons.

Canadian court rules that father cannot call his own daughter a “girl” because of the LGBT agenda

(Natural News) Parental rights have all but completely been thrown out the window for our child-rearing neighbors to the north, who at the behest of the Supreme Court of British Columbia (B.C.) no longer have a say in whether or not their underage children decide to undergo “gender transition” surgeries and associated chemical “therapies” in futile attempts to become the opposite sex.

More Hot Air: Commie New York Mayor Bill de Blasio Announces “Meatless Mondays” to “Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions”

Bill de Blasio, the Communist Mayor of New York took a page out of Kim Jong Un’s playbook and announced “Meatless Mondays” will be implemented in public schools across NYC beginning in the 2019-2020 school year.

BREAKING: Rep. Doug Collins Releases Unredacted Lisa Page Testimony to Congress

On Friday Republican Doug Collins (R-GA) released the Bruce Ohr testimony transcript online.

Rep Collins said his patience with the DOJ had grown thin so he released the testimony.
Collins plans on releasing more testimony.

The Ohr testimony disclosed the Bruce Ohr gave his wife’s opposition research on Trump to the FBI in a flash drive.

THE PELOSI SCAM: Far Left Speaker Knows Dirty Cop Mueller and Skunk Weissmann Are Not Going to Give Trump a Pass

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) came out against impeaching President Trump in an interview on Monday.

“I don’t think we should go down that path, because it divides the country.” Pelosi said in an interview published Monday in the Washington Post.

Report: Attorney General Barr Gave Mueller Permission to Indict Trump’s Three Adult Children and Jared Kushner

A report at The Specator on Friday claims dirty cop Robert Mueller met with Attorney General Bob Barr and the two agreed that President Trump’s children should be indicted.

The report goes on to say that Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his 13 angry Democrats also want President Trump to be indicted but that Barr pushed back on this.

Developing: Corrupt DOJ Attorney Bruce Ohr Caught in Major Lie Protecting His CIA Wife Nellie

Bruce Ohr, the corrupt US attorney at the top of the Department of Justice, was caught lying in his testimony to Congress. He consistently denied that he knew what his wife Nellie was up to related to the Russia witchhunt. This was a lie!

Tucker Carlson UNLOADS on Do-Nothing GOP “Pretend” Party who is Controlled by the Left (VIDEO)

Democrats were in full indignation and demanded accountability from Tucker Carlson for a radio interview he gave to a shock jock 10 years ago.

Democrat smear website, Media Matters For America, was behind this latest attack on FOX News host Tucker Carlson.

MUST SEE: ANGRY WOMAN SHUTS DOWN Linda Sarsour and CAIR Rally for Anti-Semite Ilhan Omar (VIDEO)

Women’s March founder and noted anti-Semite Linda Sarsour and Niwad Awad, the Executive Director of CAIR, held a rally last Wednesday in Washington DC in support of Rep. Ilhan Omar.

Sarsour was asked if she believed the nation of Israel has a right to exist — She refused to answer.

During their rally an angry woman shut down the rally screaming about Muslim abuse of women.

Sarsour and Niwad did not refute the claims of the counter-protesters.

Anti-Gun Activist Tossed From Gun Hearing After Threatening to Shoot GOP Lawmaker, NRA Members

A woman was reportedly expelled from a gun hearing after she threatened to “blow away” a state GOP lawmaker and NRA members.

A hearing was held in Hartford, Connecticut on Monday to discuss new legislation calling for tougher gun laws following the accidental shooting of a teenage boy.

Revealed: Far Left Activist Group that Contracted with Fusion GPS is Linked to Soros, the FBI, Sen. Feinstein and a Dark Money Group

Dems Defy Pelosi, Vow To Move Forward With Impeachment Against Trump

Pompeo Pulling Embassy Staff From Venezuela

Ocasio-Cortez Makes False Claim About Ethics Complaints Against Her

Melania’s Spokeswoman Calls Out ‘View’ Hosts For ‘Attacking’ First Lady

OPINION: I Was A Republican House Member For 17 Years — But The Party Has Left Me

Feds Arrest Dozens, Including Actresses and Ex-Pimco CEO, In "Largest College Admissions Scam Ever Prosecuted"

About The "Fair Tax For Illinois": How Much Will It Cost Your Family?

Why Socialism Fails Every Time

Ron Paul Blasts Washington's Bipartisan Attacks On The Second Amendment

Exclusive–Donald Trump Accuses Tech Giants of Colluding with Democrats

Exclusive – Trump on Campus Free Speech Executive Order: ‘We’re Going to Do a Very Big Number’ Probably ‘Next Week’

Tommy Robinson – ‘I’m Going to Stand for Parliament’

“I won’t lie and I won’t hold back!”

Dems Erasing Middle America

Dems transforming electorate to permanently outnumber GOP voters

Democrats Push Bill to Grant 2M Aliens a Path to Citizenship, Including Previously Deported DREAMers

While President Donald Trump is reportedly set to ask Congress for another $8.6 billion to help secure the Southwest U.S. border against rampant illegal immigration, House Democrats, on the other hand, have announced an expanded “DREAM Act” of sorts that would grant millions of illegal aliens expanded access to taxpayer dollars and a pathway to citizenship.

And that’s just for starters.

Under the new legislation announced Tuesday, millions of illegal aliens currently enjoying deferred deportation under former President Obama’s “DREAM Act” would not only be granted expanded protections, but would also be given a new pathway to citizenship.

Not legalization – citizenship.

Sunny Hostin Bristles at Pelosi Dismissing Impeachment: The House Has to Do Its Job...For the American People!

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It was actually very painful to read most of these headlines. I'm aghast at the degree to which apparently large groups of people are completely disconnected from reality. I've been talking to some folks in the UK lately, and was astounded to learn that police there seized a pointy stick as an illegal weapon.

Mayhap you can feel my cognitive dissonance. The pointy stick was perhaps the primeval invention of mankind, that started us on our journey to the stars. But, if we're seizing them, maybe we're not headed to the stars, but to abbatoirs instead. Even after that, I was sure no more antihuman political stunt could be essayed, but it seems I was wrong:


Truly, that's beyond the point at which even Brits can keep a stiff upper lip.



Yep. That's why I did the aggregation today. Just too much craziness that needed to be shared.