Simplified Climate Aggregation: Friday, February 15th - 2019 - Amazon Spokesperson Points Out Blame for NYC Loss of HQ2 and 25000 jobs

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Rather than doing the full scale aggregation I typically do. I may do some aggregation posts of sub-sections and specific topics if I run across some interesting information that I feel like increasing the chances some of you will see it. There is a good chance any of these posts will be flagged. Thus, I am not going crazed on the formatting and such that this account has been known for in the past.

B.C. government putting alternative energy sector on ice

‘That will have to change if B.C. is to pursue its CleanBC plans,’ says head of Clean Energy B.C. Randy Shore Updated: February 14, 2019 The wheels are coming off and Big Green isn’t happy~ctm From The Vancouver Sun Dozens of solar, wind and run-of-river power projects have been indefinitely suspended by the provincial government…

Friday Funny – Welcome to the “AOCene”

From the “Lemmings in White Satin” department (with apologies to the Moody Blues). Environmentalists and warmists have been pushing for years to make a new geological epoch, the “Anthropocene” because they believe humans are now the biggest factor of planetary change, eclipsing even geological forces that drive our planet. Of course, sensible geologists would have…

Tips for psychologists on how to spread climate propaganda from Down Under

From the Australian Psychological Society. Climate change communication Such gems as: Communicating effectively about a topic like climate change that is complex, confusing, uncertain, sometimes overwhelming, and often emotionally and politically loaded, is challenging. In order for people to become motivated and empowered to adopt the needed changes to reduce environmental threats, they must be…

DC District Court Hands Trump’s EPA A Major Victory Over Environmentalists

From The Daily Caller Michael Bastasch | Energy Editor The District of Columbia District Court granted the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) petition to dismiss legal action against a policy to prohibit scientists from receiving agency funding while sitting on advisory boards. EPA issued the policy directive in 2017 under former Administrator Scott Pruitt. A coalition…

The Marvelous and Mysterious Monarch

Guest essay by Kip Hansen The marvelous Monarch Butterfly is an icon of biological mystery. When I was born, circa 1950, monarchs were known to fly north into southern Texas every spring by the millions. In the Fall, tourists would go to Cape May, New Jersey, timing their visits to watch the beauty and…


KEVIN KILTY Introduction A guest blogger recently1 made an analysis of the twice per day sampling of maximum and minimum temperature and its relationship to Nyquist rate, in an attempt to refute some common thinking. This blogger concluded the following: (1) Fussing about regular samples of a few per day is theoretical only. Max/Min temperature…

Radical Children’s Crusade: Middle-Class Red-Green Militants Encourage Children As Young As Nine To Play Truant

You’d expect the usual headbangers to be all in favour of brainwashing schoolkids and encouraging them to strike. What you might not expect is to find the National Association of Head Teachers supporting the action.

Climate strike: UK kids skip school in call for urgent ‘climate action’ – ‘Thousands of children walked out of’ class – Former UN climate chief giddy: It is ‘time to heed the deeply moving voice of youth’

Thousands of schoolchildren and young people in the UK are taking part in climate strikes with the support of a former UN climate chief, who said it was “time to heed the deeply moving voice of youth”.

Christiana Figueres, who led the historic 2015 Paris agreement, said the fact that children were so worried about their future they were prepared to strike should make adults take urgent action.
“It is a sign that we are failing in our responsibility to protect them from the worsening impacts of climate change,” she said.

Kids protesting to change weather are “heroic” but grownups in yellow vests are unnewsworthy

Are children driving this or is the media? A bunch of children are being hailed as heroes for skipping a day of school in order to get better weather for their 120th birthday party. Imagine the thrill of importance for any 17 year old “said” to be wielding this power. This is rock-star stuff. How teenage girls defied skeptics to build a new global climate movement [by Tara John, CNN] A thick smudge of gold glitter on her right cheek belied the fact that [Anna] Taylor, 17, has taken a leading role in organizing a protest that is expected to see hundreds of students walk out of class across the UK on Friday. “Hundreds” eh? Keep that figure in mind. Meanwhile adults in yellow vests go to expense, effort and take risks to mass protest week after week and the TV ignores them What is happening in Paris? Not much according to the MSM. As Rafe Champion says: There appears to be a different story to be told, but who would know? Week 13 and 50,000 people are still taking to the streets in an extraordinary leaderless protest. The Italian deputy PM personally went and met with the yellow vests […]Rating: 10.0/10 (2 votes cast)

Mann vs. Steyn likely to head to Supreme Court

Mark Steyn writes on his webpage: There was some modest activity yesterday in the Mann vs Steyn climate-change hockey-stick case, which will shortly be entering its eighth year. As that ludicrous fact testifies, it has been procedurally bollocksed by the District of Columbia courts, which is why it will almost certainly be headed to the Supreme Court. When…

Coal Plant To Close Down, Despite Trump’s Pleas

The Tennessee Valley Authority voted to close down a Kentucky coal-fired power plant, bucking pressure from President Donald Trump to keep it running.

The 7-member board of directors for the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) voted almost unanimously on Thursday to shutter the remaining coal-fired unit at its Paradise Fossil Plant. Unit 3 of the plant, located in Muhlenberg, Kentucky, is now slated to close down by December 2020.

The vote came despite public arm twisting by Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to keep the plant open.

“Coal is an important part of our electricity generation mix and [the TVA] should give serious consideration to all factors before voting to close viable power plants, like Paradise #3 in Kentucky!” the president Tweeted Monday night.

Amazon Spokesperson Blames Socialist Ocasio-Cortez for Loss of 25,000 High-Paying Amazon Jobs in NYC

Amazon blamed local politicians for the decision to nix their plans in New York City.

Socialist Rep. Ocasio Cortez cheered the loss of 120,000 high paying jobs in her community.

Update on plans for New York City headquarters

After much thought and deliberation, we’ve decided not to move forward with our plans to build a headquarters for Amazon in Long Island City, Queens. For Amazon, the commitment to build a new headquarters requires positive, collaborative relationships with state and local elected officials who will be supportive over the long-term. While polls show that 70% of New Yorkers support our plans and investment, a number of state and local politicians have made it clear that they oppose our presence and will not work with us to build the type of relationships that are required to go forward with the project we and many others envisioned in Long Island City.

We are disappointed to have reached this conclusion—we love New York, its incomparable dynamism, people, and culture—and particularly the community of Long Island City, where we have gotten to know so many optimistic, forward-leaning community leaders, small business owners, and residents. There are currently over 5,000 Amazon employees in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Staten Island, and we plan to continue growing these teams.

We are deeply grateful to Governor Cuomo, Mayor de Blasio, and their staffs, who so enthusiastically and graciously invited us to build in New York City and supported us during the process. Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio have worked tirelessly on behalf of New Yorkers to encourage local investment and job creation, and we can’t speak positively enough about all their efforts. The steadfast commitment and dedication that these leaders have demonstrated to the communities they represent inspired us from the very beginning and is one of the big reasons our decision was so difficult.

We do not intend to reopen the HQ2 search at this time. We will proceed as planned in Northern Virginia and Nashville, and we will continue to hire and grow across our 17 corporate offices and tech hubs in the U.S. and Canada.

If Socialism Is So Good, Why Are People Moving Away?

Ask 100 people to define socialism, you would likely get 100 different answers. It reminds me of the story about blind people in a zoo touching an elephant for the first time. Each person has a different perception, depending on where they touch.


I’m not debating the merits of socialism or capitalism, both have their flaws. In the early 1900s capitalists amassed fortunes and colluded to eliminate competition and create monopolies. The government broke up the monopolies and passed laws fostering competition. The extremes are what average working Americans should be concerned about.

In the 1960s two events changed America. The birth control pill was perfected while Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” included laws that ended up incentivizing out of wedlock birth.


Politicos pander to their base offering free stuff that will be paid for by others. Working class citizens no longer buy the 1% hogwash. They know every new social program ends up costing the working class a lot of money. If they cannot win at the ballot box, many are voting with their feet. Let someone else support the politician’s agenda!

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There is a good chance any of these posts will be flagged

Why? Do we have a dedicated flagger again?


I appear to have attracted one. I have my suspicions about who owns and controls the account, and if I am correct then they could give that account far more power than it currently has if they need to. It is an account that only flags. It doesn't post anything, so you can't flag back, challenge in comments, etc. I wrote a post about it on my account today and a couple of weeks ago. It has been targeting others for longer than me.

I just suspect it is botted on me now since it has flagged things of mine that didn't even mention the topics it seems to view as heresy.


the kind of thing that ruins steemit

ned & dan never made the effort to fight that kind of sabotage


I personally believe this is the main reason Steemit has never been mass adopted.


Dan did. Then they attacked him and showed their hypocrisy. He did to them what they did to others and they suddenly thought it was okay to complain. Dan did it in relation to the account that was constantly being voted to the skies for basic charting daily.

Dan also wanted to fix it with code IF he could figure out how. Anything he or I discussed could be exploited in other ways. So he was actually interested and I think some of his ideas related to that ended up in EOS. He just didn't have the support he needed from Steemit, inc. and other powerful accounts to challenge those that see this as their own private church.

It's okay to burn people at the stake for speaking heresy.

Unless they are the ones speaking.


I hate getting caught talking out of my ass lol

Do you know if anyone did a post on Steemit dev politics that i can refer to in order to not be a jackass in public in the future?


Not really. It is part of reality. We all make mistakes. We all are wrong. The good thing is those are opportunities to learn.

Being wrong is usually a good thing. It is only not good if we keep being wrong about the same thing over and over again. That is a sign of failing to learn.