The Virus' that Cried Wolf


What if there was a virus released that was actually a danger to humanity, and the general population knew about it, but didn't really believe it since there have been so many announcements over the past couple of decades of another 'killer virus that is spreading', yet resulted in that virus fizzling out into recent 'history'... This has caused a desensitization in people today, causing them to spread and believe total bogus crap about things regarding the 'newest virus'. Such as:

^^full of lies listed as "Facts"^^

I am not saying that this Covid-19 is actually a danger to humanity, or not.... Perhaps it is, and perhaps it isn't. Maybe it only exists in media and some white lab coat's "Diagnosis". Who knows for sure that this point....For those of us that know what the media is capable of producing, you know what I mean there.


So, the USA's supply chain has been disrupted greatly, but the effects have not yet been realized by the general population due to there still being some stock still available in consumer outlet warehouses. There is brief mention here and there on the waves about how the chain disruption will affect 'business', 'stocks', 'elections', etc., but not really much mention of the impact that is going to be felt by the rabid consumer society hell bent on its newest iPhone model, suddenly discovering that their country can't make a pair of shoes, let alone high-tech.... It is hard to get a hold as to how bad the supply chain has been hit due to media fuckery...There are some youtube videos out there from some LA Port workers showing ghost town at the docks though....

The point I am making is that in the USA there seems to be an overall sense of "oh geez another scary virus blah blah"...
That is the general consensus I am gathering within my own anecdotal circle of evidence. People in the USA are very desensitized to any word of a scary 'virus' lately. Sure there are some that take precautions, but many of those that take precautions are focusing on things like, toilet paper, only, and not really thinking about the big picture. The majority that I come across, don't really care yet....

The masters that craft the spells that shape our perception of the world, know exactly what they are doing. The standard Cognitive Dissonance that resides within the masses, has been fueled with a form of sorcery much like that of the 'Boy Who Cried Wolf' story, so that the natural tendency to protect oneself and one's community is artificially rendered impotent.

Francis Barlow's illustration of the fable, 1687

The people of the USA in general, seem incapable of discerning what is real from what is not, but worse, is that they have been conditioned to not even try. Therefore, the 'nothing bad can happen here ' setting is in the minds of most, and will remain that way until the water is already boiling. For the USA, the boiling water will be the empty shelves and the broken Amazon.....not the 'virus'.


This is by design, and is a terrible thing to behold, if you are one of the ones that is capable of beholding it.

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