Epstein Discussion which Sidetracked me Back to Glitter and Saville Cases

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Over the last couple of days, I got sidetracked back to the Jimmy Saville and Gary Glitter cases, after chatting with @bifilarcoil in regards to the current Epstein @deepdives research challenge.

I just wanted to share a few interesting and short clips with regards to those cases in point, as a reminder of how these types of predators operate. There are some very revealing insights to be gleaned from these clips in retrospect. The most amazing thing is that everyone knew exactly what was going on for a very long time, but nothing was ever done about it, as we all are aware of now.

This first clip is of Gary Glitter being honoured on the TV show, This Is Your Life. The woman who appears in the clip is Tessa Dahl, Daughter of Roald Dahl the childrens book author, who himself has been accused of being a sex offender and posssible paeophile. The comments and body language in this video are very revealing indeed.

Here is an audio interview with Jimmy Saville, speaking about Gary Glitter and the charges laid against hime at the time.

Now on to Jimmy Saville. There is a lot more material out there about Jimy Saville in both video and audio format, which really does show how incredibly open he was about his 'lifestyle' and psychopathic tendencies, while masking it as his own brand of 'humour'.

This first audio clip is an interview on BBC radio in 1978 with John Lydon (Better known as Johnny Rotten as lead singer of the Sex Pistols), where he talks about people he would "like to kill", including Saville and his "seediness" and "rumours we are not allowed to talk about".

The next clip is from a British World Cup Football show in 1998, where they make direct jokes about Jimmy Saville as being a paedophile!

A short clip of a meeting on camera between Saville and fellow convicted paedophile Rolf Harris...

In another short TV show clip, Jimmy Saville talks and jokes about how Jimmy "fixed it" for Prince Phillip at Buckingham Palace...

I think those clips tell us quite a bit about their personalites and psycopathic tendencies.

This last clip from a channel 5 TV documentary "meet the Psycopaths", expains just that. It also includes a professional psychological analysis of Savilles personality. My question is, where were these people all this time, since it was basically an open secret for decades!

Another interesting and unexpected thing about this clip, is that in the last 10 seconds, media tycoon Robert Maxwell makes an apperance. He is the father of Ghislaine Maxwell, who is currently implicated in the Jeffrey Epstein case...That kind of blew my mind actually!

And to finish off, I will leave you with a rhyme I wrote almost a year ago about Saville.



As a TV presenter
DJ; radio announcer
He was tops and he popped
BBC staff, said he rocked
With Royals, he mixed it
They said; Jim’ll fix it!
Given regular access
Moved around, like an abscess
Through charity he scored
The kiddies, he adored
In the hospital wards
Spoke highly of him, as in lords
Was showered with awards
To all kinds of applauds
Had friends in high places
Was given an order
A knighthood in honour
Disguising his traces
Like a parasite
A man of the night
Took care of the dead
Dug up their bed
Necrophiliac, necromancer
An all-round romancer
He knew of no trouble
Took to it, with a shovel
Those bodies he laid
In his night escapade
For decades, they knew it
The media blew it
Where was the press
That now must redress


As always, have a great day and PEACE



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Jimmy Saville .. best mates with Prince Charles .. regular visitor to royal palaces where simply his name would gain him entrance .. and of course, anyone with access to royalty .. will first be scrutinised by MI5 etc etc etc.


Makes you wonder about the 'secret' intelligence agencies. You could even argue he was his Majesty's Secret Service. Oops....

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I can see how the world tolerated this kind of psychopatic deed.. if he lived in my country, he'll die before he could be live on TV.


It was tolerated mostly by his powerful friends....that's how he got away with it for so long!

And who can forget when Johnny Rotten getting banned on the BBC for pointing out some inconvenient facts about Saville.

And then there was the whole Edward Heath (former British PM) affair, something of which our lizard loving mate David Icke has been quite outspoken about, going back to his 1998 book "The Biggest Secret"

And even here in Australia, revelations about a former unnamed PM being embroiled in the same offence.

Would any of us be surprised to find another Epstein like Mossad linked character at the center of any of these affairs ?


The only thing that would surprise me (and a lot of the general pblic at this point), is if there wasn't hundreds or thousands more of these types of cases going all the way to the top of political office and many different industries all around the world.

Yes, absolutely...David Icke was the first person to name Heath as a predator a couple of decades ago! But as is always the case, they wait for them to become senile old people or die until they reveal what was always denied.

You always have great comments and information to contribute @cattledog ...thanks!