Mentally Ill Or Targeted? Get The Facts!

3년 전

How many people are being called mentally ill when actually what they are experiencing is a real attack on their person? Are you a person who suffers from hearing voices in your head, ringing in the ears? Sleeplessness? Nightmares? Physical symptomology no one can explain?

This is the sort list of phenomena regularly experienced by targeted Individuals.

You or someone you care about may right now actually be a targeted individual who needs real information about what is happening. We are all targeting to lesser or greater degrees here. This is a covert operation that is growing exponentially daily if we let it. It’s a war on us the civilian population and because it is so cruel so covert and so totally insane, few take it seriously. If we cower in fear and remain in separation, living under the radar the situation escalates to our tacit consent. We are the ones who can change this by showing up and taking constructive action.

Rise Multiversity with Living Lessons Library is hosting a series of Summits throughout 2018 to help us pull the blinders off our eyes and discover what is in our power to do.

We invite you to listen as courageous truth warriors speak of this phenomena in detail. We will all learn together about this hidden agenda affecting thousands of innocent people and join with others who have done a deep study of our options now.

Being called "mentally ill" rather than "targeted" is very common right now. The shame and feelings of worthlessness that come from being labeled insane are huge. If someone you love is under such an attack you might consider joining us to educate yourself about Directed Energy Weapons and the targeting of our civilian population.

We have the power.
Let's learn how to use it positively.

Thank you,
~ Sienna Lea


Part 1: Hope, Help And Healing
Live June 23rd, 2-4pm Eastern


We will hold a safe space to come, share, learn and explore the truth of DEWs and Targetted Individuals.

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