Our 5G Summit Warm Up Begins This Afternoon!

3년 전

A quick update.

There are still spots for our Saturday and Sunday "5G Call To Action Community Summit". We have an extended panel including Leuren Moret and Patty Greer who will join the Sunday event!

We'll be covering targeted individuals and DEW's (Directed Energy Weapons). There are different guests for both the Saturday and Sunday presentations.

Today's email is to let you know that our partner's, "Living Lessons Library" and "Rise Multiversity" are holding a casual community cafe this afternoon at 5pm Eastern around the "fictional" narratives that lay in full view disclosure by Hollywood.

Please join the "The Wake Up Cafe" as 5G Summit hosts, Anaiis Salles and Sienna Lea discuss "The Manchurian Candidate" starring Denzel Washington.


We'll dive deep into the passive narrative, the subliminal and what the filmmakers unconsciously were communicating. The 2004 remake is a perfect expose of how the "5G of many things" can affect us in ways most have not really considered. In our previous 5G summit we looked at the 2013 movie "Her". This also served as a docu-drama disclosure of how trauma-based psychological conditioning changes our "normal". It all starts with your monolithic "smart" devices.

More details on how to watch "The Manchurian Candidate" before joining the Cafe is on the ticket page and link below.

Join us later today at 5pm Eastern as we head into the "5G Call To Action Community Summit" tomorrow.

The event is free/donation (you decide!)

See you soon,

~ 5G Summit Team 


Come to the Summit!
Saturday June 23 and Sunday 24 online.


Part 1: Targeted Individuals; Hope, Help And Healing

Live Saturday June 23rd, 2018
2-4 pm EDT

Moderators: Sienna Lea, Anaiis Salles
Panelists: Alfred Lambremont Webre, Ramola D
Guest: Rex Bear of the Leak Project


 Global Action Plan:
Part 2: Enact A World Treaty To Ban Anti-Personnel, DEW’s, 5G And Mind Control TechnologiesLive Sunday June 24th, 2018
2-4 pm EDT

Moderators: Sienna Lea, Anaiis Salles
Panelists: Alfred Lambremont Webre, Ramola D
Guest: Sebastien Martin. Leuren Moet, Patty Greer.


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More updates to come.

2 years in and all those millions, no analytics into how well posts do.

Replay of this event released today.

Both replays for Part 1 and 2 released today!



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Thank you.

New events coming soon including Targeted No More and Wake Up Cafe.

Awesome! Im going to be writing about DEWs as well. Will try to tune in! Thanks!


Did you write it yet?


I have not been busy with personal matters and publishing last leg of research on different topic.

I will reply with link in this response.


Thank you for the legitimate reply. Alfred will be presenting a global treaty against 5g and DEW's. Look forward to your post.