WWIII Against The Civilian Population Happening Now

3년 전

What if a covert war on the civilian population has been on slow boil for decades and most people are too busy surviving in the Matrix to notice?

What if thousands of USA citizens are right now silent targets for electronic harassment and vicious disabling attacks from directed energy weapons (Dew's) but when they speak out they are called "mentally ill"?

Are thousands of Targeted Individuals all "nuts"?

What if you are next?

I am not trying to create more fear porn here lovely people but heads up. If you think this is more dis-info and its best not to look too deeply at DEW or the plight of Targeted Individuals, you might consider thinking again.

There is a war on and before it is too late, investigate for yourself then find ways to protect yourself and your family from the A. I. roll out of 5G coming to your neighbourhood very soon. It would be wise to look, listen and explore how thousands are being attacked and called mentally ill if they speak out.

We are holding a 5G Call To Action Community Summit to share in loving awareness with deep researchers this reality that many face in isolation, often never being believed. The event is free and by donation. It will take two hours of your day but could change your destiny path for a lifetime.

Join with others who are awakening and care.

Get informed!


Our webinar room is limited to 500 spots.
Don't miss out! 
Pre-registration is the only path for accessing the replay.

Live June Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th.


Decide for yourself once you have the information. Discover what you can do to shield and stop the electronic war happening right now. They are escalating using our denial to plough ahead unrestrained. And sadly it is about to get a whole lot worse if we do nothing. Let’s Rise Together and make a difference, we can, we must and we are fully capable of meeting this challenge.

Much love support and encouragement. The truth does set us free, even if it’s a hard pill to swallow. Let us soften the blow by waking up to this difficult reality together in community.

Thank you,
Sienna Lea
~ 5G Summit Team

Part 1: Targeted Individuals; Hope, Help And Healing

Live Saturday June 23rd, 2018
2-4 pm EDT
Moderators: Sienna Lea, Anaiis Salles
Panelists: Alfred Lambremont Webre, Ramola D
Guest: Rex Bear of the Leak Project

Global Action Plan:

Part 2: Enact A World Treaty To Ban Anti-Personnel, DEW’s, 5G And Mind Control Technologies

Live Sunday June 24th, 2018
2-4 pm EDT
Moderators: Sienna Lea, Anaiis Salles
Panelists: Alfred Lambremont Webre, Ramola D
Guest: Sebastien Martin. Additional special guests to be announced. 


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