YouTube Account Permanently Removed


Yep after 5 years and over 160 videos and 2,000 subscribers YouTube permanently removed my account because I dared to discuss the absurdity of MLB moving the All Star game due to voter ID law- the key being that it makes zero sense from a business standpoint for a business to publicly oppose voter ID laws which over 70% of Americans support.

YouTube just like the rest of big tech is controlled by the NWO Luciferian Central Bankers .

No worries- my vids helped usher in their imminent demise. They are more desperate than ever and their censorship of so many shows just how desperate they are.

TheLightReports is still on Rumble and I’ll start posting on Bitchute too- please like and share this vid if you agree........

PS- can anyone tell me how to embed a Rumble vid here? I can’t seem to figure that out.

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I'm surprised my channel is still up and running on YouTube. I've been pressing hard against the left-wingers narratives lately.

I can tell that you've well informed...
May 19, 2021... 3.8 Hollywood Time...