Tucker Carlson's Exclusive Interview with Tommy Robinson

2년 전

In the video below Tommy Robinson explains his harrowing ordeal with the UK legal system, he says they first transferred him from a facility with a low Muslim population to a prison with a very high one.

VIDEO: YouTube.com/channel/UCHhOHZszrKy6usohIznG8zw

Robinson suggests they did this to justify their persecution of him by "keeping him safe" in isolation. Solitary confinement is a form of psychological torture that prisons use to punish inmates. They subjected Tommy to this torture for the entire two-month duration of his imprisonment.

His cell was conveniently in the general vicinity of the prison’s mosque. Daily, when Muslim's would go to worship, many would sling biological weapons into his cell in the form of feces and spittle.

Everyday Tommy suffered from extreme temperatures; they regularly gave him only a can of tuna and a small container of fruit for sustenance. The sweltering heat wave that his captors forced him to endure became more intense because he had to block all of his cell windows to dodge the diseased shit and spit that people of the religion of peace gifted him.

The starvation rations provided is what resulted in him losing a staggering 40lbs in only two months!

Additionally, Tommy recounts his previous experience where he spent five months in solitary confinement which caused him to develop PTSD. Regardless of these well documented medical facts, the prison faculty in this case recklessly did the same. Can you say lawsuit?

Near the end of the clip, Carlson asks Robinson why they arrested him. Robinson explains that he read aloud a BBC news article outside a courthouse where an alleged Muslim grooming gang was facing trial. After which, they arrested and tried him in front of a kangaroo court.

Tommy further said the media had reported that he plead guilty to charges. Yet he did not plead, nor did he understand any charges. To this day he remains uncertain of what it is they have accused him, assuming it is contempt of court, all he was doing was reading aloud a BBC article.

Robinson insists he violated no laws and said Judges have no right to restrict an individual from reporting on media which has already entered the public domain. A superior Judge in Britain could see through this farce and condemned the actions of the lower court.

The fake news in the UK attacked and demonized Tommy while he was silenced and tortured in prison, even a human rights lawyer went so far as to side against him.

I wish Tucker would have made more room in his schedule seeing as how he got the exclusive. The interview ended on a somewhat sour note after being cut short for lack of time; this was right after Tommy explained while in prison he was informed that authorities were going to contact his wife because of intel that an acid attack was to be carried out against her.

This is what happens when government becomes an enemy of the people. I believe it was Hiram Mann who said: "No man survives when freedom fails, the best men rot in filthy jails, And those who cry 'appease, appease' Are hanged by those they tried to please."

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I just wish he would use the network of supporters to help vulnerable working class girls so that they have support and friendship in their life which in turn would keep them away from grooming gangs. Middle and upper class girls are just not affected by this stuff, it's the vulnerable girls who have been somewhat abandoned by their families who have the issues. Thats if they really do care about these girls.


Thanks for sharing your ideas on the matter @p-props.
In my opinion, half the battle right now might be to get
government to stop covering these kinds of things up.

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Tommy Robinson was arrested intentionally and is on Zionist payroll. Diverting all attention away from Israel and focusing anger on Muslims without looking at the root cause.


If your claims are true you should upload a picture of his pay stub
or something. The Israeli government remains fairly obnoxious, as
are immigrants who don't assimilate into the countries that they
migrate to. The root cause of what? What is the root cause?