Antifa almost kills gay vietnamese journalist - 100% of earnings on post to be donated to his recovery

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Of course The_Donald is the only one trying to spread the word about Antifa almost killing a gay vietnamese journalist....But TD is so racist cry the leftists...

Please help raise some funds for Andy Ngo by directly donating to him here at a go fund me setup by Michelle Malkin, or by upvoting this post. 100% of the proceeds when this post pays out in 7 days will be donated to him by myself, with proof of a receipt as well!

This brave man Andy Ngo is a gay vietnamese journalist who does on the ground reporting all over the place. He goes into the thick of things where there is danger to give us the news. Antifa, a self described "protector of gays and minorities" is seen in these videos mob attacking him, I think somewhere around a few dozen people hit/punch/kick him in total. He has suffered a brain hemhorage and could die/need very costly surgery!!!!



In the twitter link above there are links and videos to him being hit with liquid cement "milkshakes" which are caustic, and cause exothermic burns. There are also videos and picture evidence of an organized antifa group creating and giving our these cement milkshakes to use on attacking maga supporters and or proud boys and or anyone who gets in their way.

Guess who has been encouraging the "milkshake" method? Why none other than Carlos Maza who also got The_Donald quarantined and tried to get Steven Crowder banned from Youtube as well as many others in the truth movement.


Antifa isn't national socialist, they are a communist para-military wing of the communist and left wing radical democrat party. They will continue to beat and kill and attack journalists and those who oppose them.

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Of course Twatter won't suspend the account of this Maza creature... leftists can call for as much violence as they want!


they can literally send donations to these terrorist groups, and these LGBT extremist (seriously google her to see how messed up she is) will have their writings marketed right to teenagers. the $25 image below allegedly was her most recently known donation to Portland antifa.


They're organized and well funded... we're just a bunch on unorganized individuals fighting a massive collective who has the MSM in their corner.

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There was a separate attack yesterday when an old man was attacked, and another guy was attacked who tried to protect him.

It seems the attacker has been identified as a Josepf christian Evans. He was arrested last year (and many times before that). In 2018 he was arrested for public endagerment and unlawful use of a weapon.

However, other than traffic citations, it appears that he can't be convicted. Even if he takes a plea deal, they dismiss the charge later anyways (not seen in image below).


If it turns out to be him and there is evidence, he will likely get in trouble this time given his history