NSA Whistleblower (Frmr. Technical Director @ NSA) (Like Snowden): US Gov Agents Commit Treason Regularly And In Secret. He Has Created Privacy Respecting System For Digitally Finding Serious Crime That is 99.9% Cheaper Than the Current, Corrupt Systems.

4년 전

Continuing the testimony from the ITNJ (International Tribunal for Natural Justice) 2018 - This is WIlliam Binney, the NSA whistleblower who - like Edward Snowden - has used his insight into the massive crimes being committed against humanity, by the American state (in the name of 'fighting crime') - to create software systems that solve the problems.

William testifies here that numerous, named people from the US government's top levels have committed treason and along with corporations and other entities, continue to defraud and abuse the people of America and the world. Not only do they abuse the privacy and rights of the people, but they knowingly continue to suck massive amounts of money for use in ineffective projects that cannot possibly serve the world or protect us from crime.

HE states that his own software analysis system, which he now provides privately, is massively more efficient than the state run software because it uses pattern analysis of metadata taken from social/digital signals (online communications), rather than requiring the massive (and expensive) data storage and bulk collection used by NSA and other governments currently. Not only is this approach more effective and efficient, it is less time consuming and less costly by orders of magnitude.

William highlights how his system could be used to easily track and trace organised gangs of human traffickers and child abusers - or any other kind of network of people.

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I think technology will once again destroy the earth.

Thank for share a good blog about technology.

great technolohy nice post. thanks for @sharing

thats very informative post for us

It's not a good one atall: to be providing the enemy criminal corrupt ones with comfort. It's what we call perfidiousness.
Williams method is a sound and brilliant one but will it stand the taste of time? Because this is corruption issue and we are not ignorant of what can happen anytime.

Curated for #informationwar (by @openparadigm)
Our Purpose

Great job.
But i beleive bad people ruin everything.

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Binney is awesome! God bless and protect you and your work to uncover evil, Bill.

It is only partly because it would work that they meaning the criminals wont use such a system. The other reason is of course that they would eventually catch the Pedo's and find themselves in jail.

Illegal spying,data collection and servalince violates our 4th and by self censorship 1st amendment regardless of how it's done .although this system may seem better than the current dragnet model if you look at the trend of selective enforcement of laws and the fact that the average American commits several felonies a year without even realizing it the potential for abuse buy either system is terrifying.


I don't know enough about the proposed system to comment accurately.. He is claiming it is 'legal' - however, yes, the devil is in the details.

William Binney is a courageous hero.