Half of parents think the flu shot causes the flu, study reveals


Most parents incorrectly believe the flu shot can cause the flu, a new survey reveals.

The vaccine, which contains an inactivated virus, is recommended by the CDC for all Americans, particularly the most vulnerable, to lower their risk of infection or lessen the intensity of the virus if they do catch it.

However, rates of vaccinations are going down, and US Surgeon General Jerome Adams says the dip was partly to blame for the record-high death toll from flu last year - 80,000 people.

The new national survey of 700 parents suggests a reason: 47 percent fear it could be dangerous, and 66 percent believed it could be futile for their children.

Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-6282829/Half-parents-think-flu-shot-causes-flu-study-reveals.html

This sounds like good news to me. People need to question the flu shot because it's complete garbage and a waste of money. This story is completely in support of the flu shot but there's some very important information missing from it that people need to be aware of.

First, the flu shot is not just one virus. It contain multiple virus from different strains of flu because big pharma cannot accurately predict the strain of flu virus that is will be prevalent each year so they add multiple ones to the vaccine in order to increase the odds they will protect someone.

CDC: Flu vaccine 36% effective, highest for young children

The CDC’s 36% effectiveness estimate is based on data from 4,562 children and adults. The vaccine effectiveness was greatest for children 6 months through 8 years (59%) and adults 18-49 (33%), the only two groups for whom protection was statistically significant. It was lowest for adolescents ages 9-17 (5%).

Vaccine effectiveness for influenza A (H3N2) viruses, which have been predominant this season, are estimated to be 25%, down from 32% last season. For weeks, many have been bracing for low rates following reports of 17% effectiveness against H3N2 in Canada and 10% in Australia.


Last year the flu shot was pretty much worthless for kids to get and not very good for adults either. On average the flu shot is about 50-60% effective at protecting you from the flu. The only reason people get the flu shot is because they hand them out for free or your insurance pays for them. If you had to pay $50 to get your child vaccinated and you knew it was only 5% effective would you still do it?

My personal experience with the flu shot is the same as these parents believing the flu shot causes the flu because that's what happened to me when I got my free flu shot. I had the flu once when I was a about 5 years old but at the age of 25 I got the flu shot and guess what happened about a week later? I was puking my guts out with diarrhea and a fever for about 4 days. That was the sickest I've been since I got the chickenpox at age 12.

I will never get another flu shot because of my experience. I'm guessing more people have had the same results and are starting to question the whole safe and effective bullshit they advertise about the flu shot.

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I am so glad you are sharing this information with us, since I am also never getting a flu shot and neither is my family and I'm glad you are spreading this word out, since people are really looking for some help and to get better, not worse and that is exactly what you get with these vaccines.
Thank you @wakeupnd


You're welcome. I think there's way more bad experiences/side effects with vaccines especially the flu shot than the "experts" are willing to admit.

Of course the flu shot causes the flu!

I find it insulting that it is not common and accepted knowledge.
The shots are filled with diseases, and you get sick from them.
Hopefully they are weakened and your body can fight them off easily, while it creates antibodies that fight off these disease...

...and will HOPEFULLY be prepared to fight off the next diseases.

What is the worst is having to get a flu shot before going into a hospital. What for? So that you will be as contagious as possible? So that you will have as low of an immunity as possible to all the super-diseases that live in a hospital?

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I will never have any kind of vaccination again lol.. Never had a flu shot either.. I think vaxmccinations in general are to blame for many things, downs syndrome for example being one!
Thats great news that parents arnt trusting it now, really really great!
Thanks for writing this up 😊

  ·  작년

Causing the flu is probably about the least dangerous thing the flu shot does - autism and death being worse ones!

But vaccinations are never about health, they are about profits and eugenics...


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This gov document (removed from the gov website but visible in the archive) shows that vaccine 'shedding' is a real phenomena - it involves those who are vaccinated spreading the disease to unvaccinated people.