Warming for meat eaters too. Vegans warned B12 deficiency is 'not a myth' and could trigger permanent nerve damage

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Ahead of next month’s “Veganuary”, experts are warning those ditching animal products not to forget a B12 supplement.

Vitamin B12 helps keep our blood healthy and immune system in check, according to the NHS.

It is only found naturally in meat, fish, eggs and dairy. Vegans are therefore forced to rely on a supplement or fortified foods, like cereals and soya drinks.

Professor Tom Sanders - emeritus professor of nutrition & dietetics at King’s College London - warns around 20% of vegans are seriously deficient in the essential nutrient.

Our bodies “silently cope” with B12 deficiency for up to four years, before irreversible neuropathy - nerve damage - strikes, Professor Sanders warns.

I'm going to rant a little bit about vegans first but then I want to talk to the meat eaters about your diet as well.

Veganism sounds crazy to me. It's completely the opposite of what history and science tells us. We can look at history and see that humans have hunted animals for a very long time and science shows us that the mammals that eat meat have significantly larger brains than the ones that don't. The human brain is made up of mostly cholesterol which plants produce very little of and animals have much of. We all know if you want healthy strong bones you need to have a lot of calcium in your diet because that's what bones are made out off so if your brain is made out of cholesterol it's not a huge conspiracy to say you should eat things high in cholesterol granted there's good and bad types of cholesterol out there but still animals are best source of it. Same common sense goes for B12 as well. Our bodies need it and animals have more of it than plants. There for the easiest way to get B12 is through eating meat. Knowing this, it's not hard to claim humans evolved to rely heavily on the nutrition of other animals to supplement our own bodies need.

I do think you can live a healthy life being a vegan as long as you supplement your diet for the nutrients your giving up in meat. Vegans should weight the pros can cons. Short term benefits going from a burger and hot dog diet to a vegan one is without a doubt a much healthier choice but long term is it going to be worth it with all the added cost of supplements. A high quality natural supplement isn't cheap they can get pretty spendy especially if you need a lot to offset the lack meat and were are the supplements coming from too. Do B12 manufacturers use animal products to make their supplement? Lots to look at if you want to be a pure vegan.

Personally if I was vegan I would add eggs to my diet as well and laugh in the face of all the other vegans that don't eat it. It's great source for b12, cholesterol and a host of many other vitamins as well in one giant dumb cell that an animal produced. A spinach leaf is massively more complex than an egg. The benefits of eating this massive single cell thing we call eggs out weights any of the core vegan philosophy in my opinion. I mean its a one cell organism. Are unfertilized eggs even alive or is it like licking your hand and eating all the death skins cells on it? Anyhow, I'd still laugh at other vegans that didn't eat eggs because I think there're dumb and delicious.


B12 deficiency is often perceived as directly associated with veganism but multiple studies have confirmed that B12 deficiency is not just for vegans. In fact, researchers have found that nearly 40 percent of people in the US are deficient in this nutrient.


Now for all you meat eaters out there that think vegans are stupid. Well, You're pretty stupid too if you think you live a healthier lifestyle than vegans. Pepperoni on a pizza is not a good source of protein either is fried chicken. The quality of protein us meat eaters get is pretty shitty. it usually comes dripping with vegetable oil and loaded with carbs. Add to that these processed food have very low nutritional value too and you get the same problems vegans face with vitamin deficiencies. The modern diet of processed food is the main source of health problems these days. You want to be healthier than a vegan you need to eat raw fruits and veggies, unprocessed meats, healthy fats and stay away from sugar and high carb foods.

Food and nutrition are complicated topics to discuss because everyone's body is different but having basic understanding of what overall is good for you like unprocessed food are better than processed one will go far in deciding what's best for your own body.

Souce: https://news.yahoo.com/vegans-warned-b-12-deficiency-is-not-a-myth-and-could-trigger-permanent-nerve-damage-101546534.html

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