Price Of Principles

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Just a short post today, with a short video and a short message: honesty is more than not lying, especially in politics. It's a rare sight nowadays to see a politician who's not budged on their principles and ideals on their way to the top.

source: Wikimedia Commons

Bernie Sanders is such a rare sight. I can't get over how lucky American people are to have him run as a candidate for the presidency in 2020. For all 40 years he has been in politics, he has always fought for the exact same policies: raising the minimum wage to a living wage, fighting against climate change, raising taxes on the rich and corporations, medicare for all, fighting against America's imperialist wars all over the world, and, maybe most important of all, getting the influence of money out of politics. And it doesn't matter if you agree with these policies or not; even his strongest opponents will admit that he means every word he says, that he's completely honest.

Now, I could go on and list all the bills he introduced and supported to show how consistent he has been these past 40 years, but I'll just say this one thing: he is the ONLY politician who has not a single billionaire donor. Not one. He understands how important it is to stay principled and honest on today's most important issues in a time when regular people are on the brink of losing all faith in politics in general. This loss of faith and trust has led, not just in America, but all over the western hemisphere, to the rise of extreme right wing populists who offer their constituents the easy solution of isolation and blaming marginalized groups, mainly the immigrants and foreigners. I believe that Bernie's popularity, and the fact that he can label himself a democratic socialist without paying a heavy price in polls, is a reaction to that initial reaction; maybe there is light at the end of this tunnel.

The video below is just to illustrate how steadfast this man really is in his convictions, and how you can be sure that he will fight with everything he's got for the working class, the middle class and poor people, the ones who got screwed over by their economical and political leaders over these past 4 to 5 decades. This feat of intellectual and political honesty has cost him some 470 dollar, but gained him so much more in respect and hope from everyone who's not part of the oligarchy. I really enjoyed this one:

A Billionaire Tried to Donate to Bernie Sanders—He RETURNED the Check!

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Chomsky agrees :D


Thanks so much for this @tychoxi; I'm gonna have to look up the rest of this conversation ;-)

The other day I listened to an American economics "expert" attempt to explain how taxing the super rich more is a fallacious ideology. His argument is that this approach has failed and been repealed in progressive European countries and that people like Bezos have most of their assets tied up in their companies, and that businesses like amazon employ tens of thousands of people and the economic impact of taxing these giants more than the current 21% federally speaking will ultimately stifle the productivity and hurt the masses that depend on an amazon or Microsoft like company.. He further explained that when combined with state taxes these companies end up paying as much or more than most countries. He also said raising taxes won't work because of the abundance of ways to shift money around. One such example he cited was that Bezos could simply by up farm land and enjoy write offs and subsidies that would counter any higher taxes imposed..

He was asked why billionaires like Warren Buffet are willing to pay more and accept the Bernie Sanders approach and he said that they're simply mistaken.. A pretty bold claim if you ask me. To think Buffet doesn't understand economics is mystifying..

But, I can see some of his points, namely the escapism that has already led to booms and busts in countries like Malaysia where I reside. It's too easy for corporations to conglomerate and put their money in tax shelters in some form or fashion, just as they can relocate manufacturing. In the case of amazon relocation isn't possible as ali baba isn't going anywhere and amazon doesn't exist in Asia.

Basically, I'm just saying this issue along with immigration and then climate are the hot bed issues and the USA just proved that they're not yet ready to buy into what is essentially the antithesis of Trump. They also preferred Hilary over Bernie last election. As the saying goes "fortune favours the bold" and I don't see many emboldened Americans. Perhaps the Christian values have duped the masses into believing that the meek shall inherit the Earth, so they're content fooling themselves into the delusion that they're apathy in the face of lies and corruption will get them a golden ticket to some imaginary utopia where nature doesn't find a balance. Nature always finds a balance and fighting that current will prove to be catastrophic.

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Thank you @skramatters, for another thoughtful comment, and one I agree with to boot ;-) (and thanks for the full post you wrote on this: I loved that too :-))